BREAKING News Out Of Vietnam- Here’s What We Know


 DANANG, Vietnam — For the first time since the Vietnam War, a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier is paying a visit to a Vietnamese port, seeking to bolster both countries’ efforts to stem expansionism by China in the South China Sea, NBC Reports.
“The visit of aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson to Vietnam signifies an increased level of trust between the two former enemies, a strengthened defense relationship between them, and reflects America’s continued naval engagement with the region,” said Le Hong Hie
USS Carl Vinson strike group arrives as China increases its Military build-up in the Paracel Islands as well as seven artificial islands in the Spratlys, territory also claimed by Vietnam. China claims most of the South China Sea and has challenged traditional U.S. naval supremacy in the western Pacific.
This is the largest United States presence in Danang since the Southeast Asian nation was unified under Communist leadership after the war ended in 1975.
“I think the visit by USS Carl Vinson demonstrates our commitment to the U.S- Vietnam partnership. It also demonstrates the dramatic progress we made in our bilateral relationship in recent years. We share a range of interests that include a desire to maintain peace, prosperity, unimpeded commerce, freedom of navigation upon which the region and its economies depend.” ~ U.S. Ambassador Daniel Kritenbrink
China boosts defense spending, cites ‘war preparedness with growing threat from West’.  China on Monday unveiled its largest rise in defense spending in three years, setting a target of 8.1 percent growth over last year.
“China will advance all aspects of military training and war preparedness, and firmly and resolvedly safeguard national sovereignty, security, and development interests.” ~ Premier Li Keqiang
The United States has been attempting to work with China however, China continues to prove that they want to placate President Trump while they furiously build up their Naval presence and nuclear programs.
“There is every indication that China wants to expand what it will call defense capabilities in the South China Sea. I expect eventually we will see warships and aircraft there regularly, if not based there permanently. What is unclear, however, is whether the United States will want to rise to that challenge.” ~ Strategic and Defense Studies Centre
According to the site Awareness ActThe Chinese Defense Minister, Chang Wanquan, has warned its citizens to prepare for the coming World War III.

But some elements within China’s increasingly confident military are pushing for a stronger – potentially armed – response aimed at the United States and its regional allies, according to interviews with four sources with close military and leadership ties.

“The People’s Liberation Army is ready,” one source with ties to the military.


“The Chinese military will step up and fight hard and China will never submit to any country on matters of sovereignty,” ~ Liang Fang

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China states that they are not afraid of the U.S. Aircraft Carriers and are ready to respond accordingly for the Sovereignty of the Peoples Republic of China.

As reported by NBC, Chinese President Xi Jinping addressed China’s entire armed forces in a speech Thursday, in which he urged troops to show the “fighting spirit of fearing neither hardship nor death.”

I see this more as posturing and not so much as a conflict that is unavoidable.  It is highly suspect that China protects North Korea, lies to the United States and has delegated more finances than ever before to their military.


Chris “Badger” Thomas is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.



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