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JAY-Z on SNL: Hates America, Loves Ethiopian Flag

Saturday Night Live hasn’t pulled any punches when dealing with the Trump Administration, but tonight the producers took things a bit too far.  They didn’t have to directly mock the President to do it, no.  Instead, they allowed a musician to step on stage as their proxy and perform a song while one of his groupies ran amok with a foreign flag waving  in the background.  Does a liberal ever wave a flag if it belongs to the country he lives in? Nope, if you are German you outright reject it even.


Jay-Z, the drug dealer, gang member, and criminal that became Barack Hussein Obama’s best friend was the performer in question. At first, viewers were likely to confused the flag his compatriot was waving with the Mexican one.  It wasn’t though.  Jay-Z thought it would be a good idea to wave a version of the Ethiopian flag from the pre-revolution days.  Apparently, Rastafarian practitioners believe that the former Emperor of Ethiopia was the returned Messiah from the Bible.  Seriously, you can read about their brain damage if you’d like.

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The timing is suspicious.  With all of the drama currently surrounding the American flag and the various corrupt policies of the National Football League, one would be left assuming these decisions were somehow related.  But a closer look at the rapper’s wardrobe would have confirmed the viewer’s suspicions: Jay-Z was wearing a jersey for Colin Kaepernick when he took the SNL stage.


The Persian Pimp: Obsessed With Iran and North Africa?

What is not left open for debate, however, is the clear relationship that Jay-Z is building with the Middle Easter nations. It’s something he raps about:

I’m the Gotham City heartbeat

I started in lobbies, now parley with Saudis

Sufi to the goofies, I could probably speak Farsi

White Privilege? ‘Hold Up!’ Jay-Z Stabbed Someone?

Unfortunately, Jay-Z has lived a life of privilege here moving out of those ‘lobbies’.  He’s so privileged, in fact, that in 1999, when he attempted to murder director Lance Rivera, the rapper only received 3 years of probation despite stabbing the man at a party with plenty of witnesses.  In the la la land that BLM exists in, this fortunate turn of events for the rapping criminal could only be the benefit of white privilege.  Except, of course, Jay-Z is black and white privilege is a myth.

Jay-Z doesn’t care about anyone or anyone’s feelings either.  Not even his own mother, who begged him not to tell her story of coming-out to him.  Jay-Z instead published a song about how his mother is a lesbian.  Naturally, the savvy entrepreneur wanted to cash in on the pity and virtue dollars that Macklemore had already tapped into with his song about thinking he might be gay.

If Jay-Z is developing a weird love with Islam and Persian culture, it’s not a new phenomenon either.  Black Americans have been becoming Isalmic fetishists in droves ever since the “Back to Africa” movement of the 1960s.  Black separatists wanted to create an ethno-state of their own in the continent of their ancestors and wanted to come up with a symbolic way of detaching themselves from their unfortunate family history.  It was common to see black Americans abandon their “slave names” and convert to Islam while taking up the names of Muslims instead.

This is rather silly, as most of you are well aware.  The Muslim names they took might not have been the names of their ancestral American slavers in the South, but it was certainly the names of their Arab slavers.  It’s really baffling that they never stopped to think about the people that sold the slaves to the white traders: the Arabs.

As for the modern-day Arabs, well, that’s another soft topic.  Many Arabs absolutely detest the way black Americans choose to practice Islam and others consider it outright heresy.  In fact, the Muslim conventions that convene in the Americas often fail to attract a diverse group of Arabs and black Americans.  The two cultures just don’t seem to see eye to eye.

Anyways, that’s enough since this has devolved into a discussion about how horrible a drug-dealing thug is for society.  It shouldn’t be something that even needs to be said but…”kids these days.”



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