OUTRAGEOUS: New ‘Special Room’ At Orlando Airport Will Make Your Head Spin…



What’s with this whole appeasing special interests and minority groups? The U.S. under the liberals has turned into a cesspool for people that don’t even like our country. They demand changes be made to make them comfortable here. If they don’t like it here then get the hell out. Simple.

But these people end up getting what they want because we are now so politically correct that it wouldn’t be fair to discriminate.


Here we have Muslims in airports that are actually getting special rooms built for them to pray to Allah! Does anyone see what’s wrong with this picture? LMAO personally if I see Muslims in turbans and burqas ready to board the same flight as me I make an immediate u-turn and get the hell out of there. No offense but I have the memory of the 911 attacks burned into my brain and the people that flew those planes into the Twin Towers were Allah worshiping Muslims. Simple, really.

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Okay, Dom the Conservative at Mad World News has this:


According to the Orlando Sentinel, Orlando International Airport thought that the Muslim people weren’t favored enough already, so they’ve decided to give them their own special part of the airport, which is presumably off-limits to non-Muslims.

Because the Islamic faith requires compulsory prayer up to five times a day, Orlando International is installing an Islamic prayer room, which they cleverly call a “reflection room,” in which Muslims can lift their backsides to the sky in private.


Lol ‘backsides’.

The “reflection room” will include a cleaning station, shoe rack, and luggage bins.

The “reflection room” will include a cleaning station, shoe rack, and luggage bins.

“Orlando is truly becoming a global community, and we want to be able to accommodate and provide high-quality amenities for all our Muslim passengers,” airport Director Phil Brown said in a written statement to the Orlando Sentinel.

Right now, Muslims at Orlando International must pray in public or perform religious rites in restrooms. Some also go to the small, nondenominational chapel tucked away on Airside B, just past the security checkpoint. There are a couple of prayer rugs available there. (But obviously, that’s not good enough for them)

Yeah, that's when I bail. Okay who farted?

Yeah, that’s when I bail. Okay who farted?

Shayan Modarres, an Orlando civil-rights attorney and Muslim, said the reflection room will be a welcome addition for the followers of Islam.

Many Muslims, he said, have felt isolated and uncomfortable in this country after the terrorist attacks of 9-11. But having a reflection room at the airport, he said, “is a great step in the right direction, especially for tolerance and inclusion.”

Tolerance? No- this is a hell of a lot more than ‘tolerance’ bro. This is discrimination! I hate the word discrimination but as a WHITE person I am seeing more and more of it every day!

Will Christians, Jews or Catholics get their own special rooms? HELL NO! Will we get special ‘cleaning stations’ to wash our fricking feet in? Hell no, we wash our feet when we shower before we leave our homes.

LOL check out these foot washing toilets!


I have to get me one of those bad boys there I tell you. I’d hook up a big screen and a play station and kick it lol!

But seriously, and theoretically if your feet are dirty and you wash them then put on dirty socks you are basically wasting your time. And what’s with this foot fetish anyways?

So, the Muslims get a special room and the rest of us get jack. Welcome to Obama’s America…

H/T [Bare Naked Islam]
Photo Credit [Orlando Sentinel]


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