OUTRAGEOUS: Obama Destroys Decorated Green Beret’s Career For Defending Child Rape Victim…

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Decorated Green Beret, Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland is getting kicked out of the Army for shoving an Afghan scumbag who raped a boy and beat up his mother.

FOX: One day in early September 2011 at their remote outpost, a young Afghan boy and his Afghan-Uzbek mother showed up at camp. The 12-year-old showed the Green Berets where his hands had been tied. A medic took him to a back room for an examination with an interpreter, who told them the boy had been raped by another commander by the name of Abdul Rahman.

After learning of the meeting, Rahman allegedly beat the boy’s mother for reporting the crime. At this point, the Green Beret had had enough. Martland and his team leader, Daniel Quinn confronted Rahman.

“He confessed to the crime and laughed about it, and said it wasn’t a big deal.” Quinn said. “Even when we patiently explained how serious the charge was, he kept laughing.”

According to reports of the incident, Quinn and Martland shoved Abdul Rahman to the ground. It was the only way to get their point across, according to Quinn. “As a man, as a father of a young boy myself at the time, I felt obliged to step in to prevent further repeat occurrences,” Quinn said.

We pay to train these Afghans to be Police officers. We arm them and even give them paychecks! And they go around raping kids? Unbelievable!

Rep. Duncan Hunter told Fox News, “It’s sad to think that a child rapist is put above one of our elite military operators. Sergeant Martland was left with no other choice but to intervene in a bad situation. The Army should stand up for what’s right and should not side with a corrupt Afghan police officer.”

We agree with Rep. Hunter but of course Obama feels the need to ruin yet another member of our Armed Forces’ career in favor of some filthy scumbag named ABDUL. This HERO has served our country for over 11 years only to get screwed by the Kenyan. Unbelievable…


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