OUTRAGEOUS: Sheriffs Seize 6 Children Simply Because Family Was Camping…



I want to know why the government continues to get involved where they aren’t warranted, yet there are so many kids in drug homes, abusive homes, getting molested, etc. and they get to stay in the home or are sent back to these horrid situations.

CPS makes money for each child they take from a family and give to another. This is why they spend so much time sticking their noses into the lives of good families, instead of helping those children who are really in need. To have a system that doesn’t consist of corruption, money can’t be involved and shouldn’t in cases where the children and families are the only things that really matter.


One such case has happened recently which will hopefully bring attention to the CPS cases that seem to be popping up more and more in which in many people’s eye’s they over step their authority. A Michigan family which had dreams of camping during the summer in the great outdoors was horrified when state officials seized their six children simply because they were temporarily living in tents.

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Off The Grid News reports:


The nightmare experience for Christopher and Antonia Hernandez began May 19 when Otsego County Sheriff deputies and a CPS official took their children, and ended June 10 when their children were returned after the parents won a court ruling based on the fact the mother and children are eligible for enrollment in the Tlingit Native American tribe. The federal Indian Child Welfare Act makes it more difficult for state officials to separate Native American families. Michigan has a similar state law.

“The government has tried to standardize what a home is and what a home must have, without consideration for if the children’s needs are being met or not,” Christopher and Antonia said in a joint statement. “This was not a case of neglect, but a case of the government telling us how we have to raise our children — that we must have running water, we must have electricity and we can’t stay in a tent for the summer. To the government it makes no difference if the children are happy and healthy. We need to conform to their idea of normal or they can take your children away.


They added, “Taking children from families needs to be limited to clear cases of neglect and abuse. It should be every parent’s right to raise their children as they see fit, unless the government can prove that what the parent is doing is actually harming the child.” The parents simply “wanted our children to experience the outdoors” and perhaps see if they wanted to live off-grid permanently.

Many parents are turning to homeschooling more than ever before, and the schools, as well as the government have no idea how to handle that. Living off the grid is the next big movement, one which I support along with homeschool, and again, the government has no idea how to handle it. It’s funny how this country was started by people, who lived “off grid”, home schooled their children, and following their Christian faith with true inspiration… and now all three of those things are under attack in this country.

The damage that the CPS did to these kids and their parents must be compensated. Couldn’t they sue them for neglect & harm for over reacting and removing children from a perfectly safe household? What kind of country do we live in that would steal and remove children from their parents for teaching about the outdoors or for camping? I’d like to think a lawsuit would be brought against both the sheriff and CPS for unjust removal. If they can exert control over parents, shouldn’t parents have some rights to protect their rights from an overzealous government body like CPS?

The system is broken. Common sense seems to be in short supply. People with roles like this need to be better screened and better trained. They need to leave their egos at the door too — if they are called to inquire about a situation and it’s not what was reported, they need to do the right thing and leave the people alone. If they initially made an assessment which turns out to be incorrect, they need to apologize and reverse their decision. Too many people in power seem to prefer to save face than to do their jobs properly.

This family was doing what “we” implore people to do, turn off the video games and TVs, spend time together, get outside, exercise, enjoy nature, play, reduce waste, live a healthier lifestyle and so on and they get punished for it. Things must change! ~Blaze III%



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