OUTRAGEOUS: Transgender Men Now Being Housed In Jails With WOMEN- What Could Possibly Go Wrong?



Transgender to me means transforming what you call your gender, it certainly doesn’t actually change your sex. Men will still be men and women will still be women.

Becoming transgender can only give piece of mind to individuals who cannot accept who they are. In our society same-sex couples can now be married, and other rights are being granted to accommodate them. The homosexual community now turns to a path that is in my opinion going to be a dangerous avenue for those involved.

By the end of the year, San Francisco’s county jails will be among the first in the nation to house transgender inmates by their gender preference. What could possibly go wrong? Lol!



The SF Gate reports:

The San Francisco jail is taking steps to house female transgender inmates based on their gender identity, Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi said Thursday.

Beginning next month, inmates and Sheriff’s Department staff members will undergo education and training designed to smooth the way for female transgender inmates to participate with other women in programs such as drug and alcohol abuse education and women’s empowerment groups, Mirkarimi said. He described that as the first step toward fully integrating all transgender inmates into the general jail population, something he hopes to do by the end of the year.

The high majority of municipal jails and prisons in this country make invisible, suppress or isolate inmates who are transgender,” the sheriff said in a statement. “The driving reason is for their protection. However, this practice comes at a dehumanizing cost, often resulting in abuse and high recidivism rates due to in-custody and post-release neglect.”


Because the inmates are locked up together, relationships can develop. Even though sex is technically against the law, a controversial liberal program makes condoms available to the inmates to prevent the spread of disease.

Desfile del orgullo gay en Madrid, 2013.

Now let’s visit reality sheriff- it’s all fun and games until the first woman in prison gets raped and becomes pregnant by an “identity.” Are people ruling out the fact that a straight male facing life in prison could fake his sexuality and DEMAND to be put on a cell block with other females? Come on people, use some commonsense.

On the flip side a transgender is probably less likely to rape a heterosexual female but I’m not so sure that heterosexual females wouldn’t hold down and rape that male. These are woman who haven’t had sex with a “male” in a very long time, it’s human nature. Transgender people still want sex regardless of what gender they are attracted to. ALSO, in prison many will take anything available. Men rape men all the time even though they aren’t gay. I’m sure the females will have no issues taking what they desire and can’t have, rape or consensual. On that note regardless of what someone identifies as their DNA and physical appearance proves just what they are, emotions doesn’t change that.

We are headed down a slippery slope here, liberals and transgender people may get what they wish but at the same time could soon regret it.

God Bless. 

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