OUTRAGEOUS! Veteran Freezes To Death After VA Hospital Refuses Help!

Richard Miles

This is totally unacceptable, America’s veteran’s deserve the best… 

Iraq War veteran Richard Miles sought help at the VA hospital in Des Moines, Iowa. When Miles went for help a doctor’s note indicated Miles said he was not a danger to himself. Days after he was sent home, Miles was found dead in the woods…

Jonah Bennett / Daily Caller reports:

“That was his cry for help and it was not taken seriously or received the way it should have been received,” Katie Hopper, Miles’ ex-girlfriend, told CNN.

The problems began soon after Miles returned from Iraq in 2004.

According to medical records, Miles reported seeing dead bodies and having nightmares which left him angry, sad and very irritable.

Miles was a top presenter at the Science Center of Iowa, but most of his fellow employees were unaware of his struggles with PTSD.

He suddenly disappeared for a few days in January and a missing person report was filed. Miles later returned and spent some time with Hopper.

Miles soon realized that he needed more help and visited the VA hospital on Feb. 15, which had an extensive list of his medical records showing suicide attempts. He had also previously been hospitalized four times for PTSD between 2008 and 2009. This time, the medical attendant turned him away, dispensing medication instead of bringing him into the hospital for further observation and treatment. Miller returned home, went for a walk, and was found frozen to death days later.

“The VA failed him. They failed him,” Hopper told CNN. Miles’ friends want answers from a VA already embroiled in scandal for failing to provide proper care to veterans. Republican Sen. Joni Ernst is requesting a federal investigation into the VA Central Iowa Health Care System. Law enforcement is still looking into the case.

The VA is still insisting that staff followed proper procedures. They gave Miles medication that he said had helped. They also scheduled an additional appointment for the next week. But Brandon Coleman, a disabled Marine Corps veteran, said the fact that ‘proper procedures’ were followed is meaningless if those procedures are insufficient in the first place.

“We can’t just hand these guys pills,” Coleman told CNN.

Our men and women deserve top notch treatment which requires top notch personnel who truthfully care about our heroes, not someone who is there just for a paycheck. Tragedies like this one occur on a daily basis and frankly, it is unacceptable. Americas Freedom Fighters will never let up on the mission to help our veterans. We owe it to them. God Bless…

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