D BAG ALERT: Owner Of Original ‘Dukes Of Hazzard’ Car Is Painting Over Confederate Flag With THIS




Have you ever heard of Bubba Watson? Well he’s a little douche that is filthy rich from hitting a golf ball. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for getting rich off of talent but this idiot owns the Dukes of Hazzard official General Lee Dodge Charger and he has announced that he will be PAINTING OVER THE CONFEDERATE FLAG!

Why would anybody do such a stupid thing? The punk paid $110,000 for the car and now he is going to destroy it? FOR WHAT??? I swear this pisses me off.

Here’s his dumba** tweet:


Watson, who got the car autographed in January by actor John Schneider (Bo Duke on the show) apparently didn’t have a problem with the Confederate symbol right after he bought the car, tweeting in April, 2012: “Sorry to all that are offended by my car ‘General Lee 1’ but car is #Awesome.”

Here’s another older quote from ‘Bubba’:


“The Confederate flag was not used (in the show) for what people see it as today, so that’s sad. But NASCAR was built on moonshining, so the show was built on moonshining. I thought it was fun. I didn’t buy the car to get publicity. I bought it because I love it…”

And another:

‘There’s no better feeling in the world that cruising into the Country Club in the General Lee, laying on the horn. You can almost hear the nickers bunching up…’

Awwwwwwwww you had a change of heart little girl? 

I mean this is like ISIS destroying historical buildings and statues- well not quite as bad but it’s a fricking crappy thing to do.

Liberals have totally lost their mind with this HATRED FOR THE SOUTH’S HERITAGE. Removing flags, statues, monuments, TV shows, video games and fricking toy cars! What MORONS.

NASCAR is even getting in on this nonsense! Give me a fricking break!

Here’s a little Johnny Cash for y’all! 

Reaction on social media to his change of heart has been mixed. One person asks Watson, “Why didn’t you do it the first day you bought it if you believe that so much?” Another person replied saying, “He doesn’t. He’s caving in to the liberal media.”

Again, this whole thing is totally out of control…

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God Bless.

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