BREAKING NEWS FROM PAPA JOHN’S PIZZA… You May Never Eat There AGAIN After They Just Released This Statement

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Pizza maker Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter said last week that their sales are tanking due to the NFL players acting like anti-American thugs and protesting during the National Anthem.

The pizza franchise took a stand and pulled their ads and all of us on the right applauded the move.

The company reportedly lost $70 million in value, forcing Schnatter to pull his ads associated with the league, saying “the NFL has hurt us,” Fox News reported. He also blamed the NFL’s leadership for letting the athletes continue protesting during the national anthem and for “not resolving the current debacle.”

Great, right?

Well, now Papa John’s made a big mistake by basically insinuating that all whites are racists- “white nationalists” in response to a website called the Daily Stormer that announced the company as the official go-to pizza for white people that are offended by the kneeling and disrespecting of law enforcement, our military and America in general.

“We condemn racism in all forms and any and all hate groups that support it. We do not want these individuals or groups to buy our pizza,” Peter Collins, Papa John’s senior director of public relations, told the Louisville Courier Journal on Monday.

Well, it sound like Black Lives Matter racists and Antifa hate groups and ‘the resistance’ all need to buy their pizza somewhere else.

The amount of white supremacists, KKK or neo nazi’s in America probably represents .0000000001% of white people.

But their announcement appears to link all whites to racism and that’s my take on it.

I will boycott Papa John’s for falling into the liberal playbook.

(actually, I’ve never had their pizza but if I’m ever in an area that has one I won’t go.)

We don’t have many fast food joints up here in the mountains and I hate going into the city.

I’ll tell you what, I make a mean pizza from scratch and now that it’s winter I will be making plenty!

They don’t come out perfectly round but they are delish!

Anyways, keep boycotting the NFL and their sponsors patriots!



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