Parents Walk Out When Liberal HS Principal Attacks Police For ‘Killing Young Black Men’ In Grad Speech (VIDEO)



I ask you, is ANYTHING sacred anymore? I’m talking about black lives matter. People try to grab a nice meal at a restaurant only to get bombarded by angry black people spewing their hatred. They show up at ceremonies, parades, sporting events and even funerals! It’s out of control.

Well, parents at a high school in Belton, Missouri were stunned when the principle started ranting and raving about black lives matters during their children’s GRADUATION CEREMONY! Come on dude! What a fricking IDIOT!

What’s even more ridiculous is that the dude is WHITE! Look, if you want to go march with the blacks and bitch about slavery and whatever then be my fricking guest but don’t ruin our kids graduation ceremony with your liberal propaganda! This guy should be FIRED!

Here’s the video!

YouTube video via Les Grossman NEW OFFICIAL CHANNEL

“I wanted to be a teacher ‘cause I wanted to change the world,” Belton High School Principal Dr. Fred Skretta said. “I wanted to make it a better place. I’m gonna be honest with you, in a lot of ways I fear that we are not there yet. If we were there, we wouldn’t have conflicts between police killing young black men.”

Parents said they were offended by Skretta’s remarks on their children’s graduation day.

“You don’t use the platform of a child’s graduation to push a political agenda or push your personal opinions,” one parent said.

Skretta took to Twitter to apologize, saying that he “meant no disrespect” with his remarks. TY all at #BHS graduation! I apologize if my remarks were offensive. Our law enforcement have difficult jobs & I meant no disrespect #agape — Doc Skretta (@Principal_BHS) May 17, 2015

Deputy Superintendent Dr. Steve Morgan said Skretta’s comments were not reflective of the district and that this is now a personnel matter.

“Comments were made at graduation and they certainly are not reflective of the district, so we sent out an apology in a statement today that went to all patrons reflecting that,” he said earlier this week.

These kids worked hard to graduate and this is THEIR day, not this left-wing liberal pile of crap principle’s day! Of course people are offended! Using a graduation speech to push your twisted political views on these kids is totally unacceptable! Keep your mouth shut if you don’t have anything appropriate to say- you are a total D-BAG…


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