PATHETIC: After Trump’s Inauguration Speech, Liberal Journalist Comes Forward With INSANE Statement

Liberal Journalist Tweets She’s Terrified Trump Wants to Stop Islamic Terrorism…



Laurie Penny, describes herself as a journalist, feminist and nerd.  She also left a lot of people scratching their heads and more than slightly confused when she tweeted out about just how terrified she was of our new president Donald Trump while watching his inauguration speech.  Apparently, she was simply petrified because Americans cheered when President Trump made statements about his intentions to wipe out radical Islamic terrorism.


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Apparently, I entered the Twilight Zone somewhere because clearly she missed the part about the random terror attacks all over America that continue to happen by…..wait for it……YOU guessed it!  Radical Muslims!  In case she forgot, it was Islamic terrorism behind 9/11, the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando, the attack on the Chattanooga military recruiting center,  the San Bernardino shooting, the attacks in Brussels, Paris, stabbings in Minnesota, and a host of others that I would be here all day if I took the time to name them all.  You get where I’m going with this….

Are we supposed to call it “multicultural terrorism” so politically correct progressives can feel better?  I don’t think so.  I’m more of a call a spade a spade kind of woman.  Frankly, I’m ready to stand up and cheer because we finally have a president that can actually SAY the words ISLAMIC TERRORISM and seems to be set on a course of actually addressing the problem!


All day long it has been one thing after another with the leftist crazies.  Laurie Penny is one of many very confused people out there.

It continues to amaze me how when the right loses an election, we get disappointed, we talk trash about the winning candidate, and we’re not super thrilled but at the end of the day? Life pretty much goes on as usual. Sure, we watch the news and if you are me? You scream at the TV when things make you mad, perhaps rail about it on social media but no one is hurt, no one has a meltdown, and generally speaking, the world keeps turning.

The Left loses? HOLY MOLY! It’s like the earth fell off the axis, the zombie apocalypse happened, Bigfoot ate their first born, they found out Santa Clause is a fairy tale, the dog ate their homework, and life as they know it has generally come to an end.

Call me crazy but in what world is it acceptable to generally act like a screaming banshee when you don’t get your way? I know what happens to my children when they behave like this and I know what happened to me as a child.  And what my 5’2 Italian mother would still do to me at the age of 40 if I even thought I was going to act in such a fashion. Perhaps I’m just old school like that but self control, decorum, self-respect?  Those are still very much a thing.  They never go out of style.  If you don’t like who won this election?  Then perhaps it’s time you got off your rump and decided to do something productive.  Rather than tweeting about how addressing a known issue with Islamic terrorism terrifies you, refusing to allow people into the Inauguration and shutting down checkpoints, punching and attacking innocent people, and banshee screaming as President Trump got sworn in?  Perhaps now is the time for you to investigate that electoral process, do some research, educate yourself, and GET INVOLVED! You don’t like it?  Work to change it!  Tantrums are for 2 year olds! Grow up!

God Bless.

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