Patriotic Restaurant Owner BANS Customers Wearing Sagging Pants, Then THIS Happens

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A restaurant owner is making headlines for posting an epic sign at the front of his business that has liberals going insane. We, on the other hand love it!

The sign on the front door of Kabuto Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar off WT Harris Boulevard reads:

“Take your hood down.
Pull your pants up.
Finish your phone conversation.
Marijuana smell not allowed.
We will be glad to assist you.”

Though the sign has been up for three years, it was recently replaced with a larger version and since then, it’s going viral on social media.

While some are outraged about the sign, others absolutely love it.


“It’s actually the best response we’ve ever had,” restaurant owner Martin Tanaka said. “More people think that more places should do it.”

Tanaka’s restaurant offers hibachi-style seating and patrons often share tables with strangers. The owner feels that it is important for his customers to be respectful toward each other.

He added the marijuana smell to the sign because idiots were smoking pot in the restaurant which was offensive to other patrons, including parents and children.

“We have to turn them out because we don’t like that in our establishment,” Tanaka said.
Of course, some liberal scumbags have called the sign racist. RACIST? Which race are they complaining about?
Let’s see- people with hoodies, pants sagging down to their knees, talking on their cell-phones non stop and smoking weed. No particular race comes to mind. Lol.
“It looks like they are trying to say something about some kind of race,” one local resident declared.
Black Lives Matter activist Shafik Warner is accusing the restaurant of “targeting Black culture.” “They know this is about African-Americans, and they are clearly being told they aren’t welcome.”

But other people love the sign.

“I mean, it is his restaurant and he chooses whatever he wants to put up,” customer Sinai Hernandez said. “It’s like if I wanted to put up rules in my house.”

Tanaka told reporters that the sign has nothing to do with race, and that he often gives offenders a second chance. If they don’t fix the problem, however, he will politely ask them to leave his restaurant.

Again, I love the signs. I hate sagging pants. You look like a thug.

Hoodies should be removed while dining in public and even at your own home unless you are cold I suppose.

Talking on cellphones while others are trying to enjoy their meal and quality time with family and friends in extremely rude.

And yeah, smoking weed during my meal could wind you up face first on the ground.

What do you think about the sign? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

God bless. 

(h/t AWM)

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