Paul Ryan BLASTS Trump Over Leaked Audio At Rally, STUNNED At Crowd’s DEVASTATING Surprise [VID]


Paul Ryan held a rally in Wisconsin on Saturday and he decided he was going to blast Donald Trump over leaked audio of him talking about “p***y,” but he never expected the reaction he received from the crowd. Suffice it to say, if Ryan wants to keep his seat he may want to grow a set and start defending the party’s nominee.

Ryan, like most of the other worthless RINOs in Congress, is more upset over what Trump said in the leaked audio, which amounted to locker room talk and nothing more, than he is Obama dismantling our nation from within or the fact that Hillary Clinton walked away from the biggest political scandal in American history unscathed. However, his position on the matter isn’t exactly a popular one by any means.


What Ryan seems to be forgetting is that the reason Trump is so popular is that he’s willing to stand up to the hyper-sensitive left and bullying Democrats in the government because for the past eight years we’ve watched Ryan and every other RINO cave to them at every turn. So now here we are at a crossroads of sorts, and Ryan had two directions in which he could have gone with this; he could have said the incident was unfortunate but still supported the GOP nominee, or he could have strongly condemned Trump then worked to alienate him from the party.

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He chose the latter.


In fact, Ryan first told Trump that he wasn’t allowed to attend the Wisconsin rally with him on Saturday after Trump had planned an appearance there, and what he did at the rally was even worse, according to TIME. Ryan told the crowd that he wasn’t there to discuss the issue, but then he went on to urge them to vote for Libertarian Gary Johnson, who supports Black Lives Matter and doesn’t know what Aleppo is.

No, seriously. Check it out, via TIME [emphasis mine]:


Ryan opened by vaguely addressing the “elephant in the room.” “I put out a statement about this last night,” Ryan said, before devoting the rest of his speech to talking about his conservative agenda—which differs greatly from Trump’s—and making a pitch for voters to back Johnson. “I mean what I said, it’s still how I feel. But that is not what we’re here to talk about today.”

What an absolute weasel, eh? Well, check out how the crowd reacted to this slime ball’s sabotage of Trump’s campaign.

Good. It doesn’t end there, however.

A report from the LATimes reveals that while voters may dislike what Trump said, they’re downright pissed off at Ryan for turning his back on him.

Check it out:

Voters attending a fall festival in Elkhorn, Wis., on Saturday were disappointed — some downright hostile — that House Speaker Paul D. Ryan rescinded an invitation to Donald Trump to speak here after a recording emerged of the GOP presidential nominee making vulgar comments about women.

“Paul Ryan sucks!” chanted Paul Anderson, who drove nearly an hour from Milwaukee to hear Trump speak.

Holding a sign that said “Hillary Clinton is a criminal,” Anderson said he thought Ryan wanted Clinton to win the White House.

“Donald Trump said some naughty words the other day. Oh, no, let’s disinvite him to Elkhorn,” said Anderson, the 28-year-old owner of a gourmet popcorn store. “Hillary Clinton is laughing at Paul Ryan right now. Or laughing with him.”

That was the sentiment of almost everyone at the rally, according to the report, which means that while Ryan thought he was making a smart move politically, he may have just screwed himself over, big time.

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