BOOM! Paul Ryan STUNS CBS Reporter After Growing A MASSIVE Set Of Teeth: ‘We’re Not Here To…’


President Trump has on numerous occasions called the liberal media both “disgusting” and “dishonest,” and he’s right.

From their coverage of his campaign to their treatment of his administration, they’re not being the least bit fair to the duly elected president or anyone who supports him. In fact, they’ve taken the position that it’s their job to actually debate Trump and other GOP lawmakers instead of merely ask questions and report the answers, and House Speaker Paul Ryan has finally had enough of it.


During the House Republican’s press conference on Tuesday, Speaker Ryan shut down CBS correspondent Nancy Cordes after she refused to accept his answer to a question about the travel moratorium from seven nations, and it was glorious to watch. Apparently taking his cue from press secretary Sean Spicer, Ryan wasn’t having any of Cordes condescending pushback when he explained the move is about national security.

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“Mr. Speaker, when you do a cost benefit analysis, people from these countries haven’t carried out deadly terrorist attacks here in the United States since 9/11,” Cordes posed to Ryan. “You have a lot of military experts, intelligence experts warning that this is going to serve as a recruiting tool for ISIS. Are you sure that this is going to make America more safe, not less safe?”


Unfortunately, Ryan agreed that the “rhetoric” surrounding the situation “could be used as a recruiting tool,” even though there’s no evidence of this, but he still thinks it’s “dangerous.” He then tried to explain that the countries listed were designated as high-risk by the Obama administration, and that’s when Cordes started to interrupt him.


“But they weren’t calling for a ban,” she interrupted.

Ryan repeated the fact that “these countries were names by the Obama administration,” and pointed to the fact that terrorists could be infiltrating our refugee program, but Cordes still wasn’t satisfied.

“But they haven’t been able to, partly because our vetting is so strenuous,” she claimed, which set Ryan off.

“We’re not here to debate,” he told Cordes. “We’re here to answer your questions.”

“There is nothing wrong with taking a pause and making sure we have the proper vetting standards in place so that we do not have a problem like France had with Paris.”

Boom! The Trump Effect is in full swing, and these liberal jackasses in the media are finally getting what they deserve.

Good on Ryan for growing a set and putting her in her rightful place. It’s not the job of reporters to debate; they’re supposed to ask questions then report the answers to the people.

Unfortunately, the liberal media seems to have forgotten that simple fact. But it looks like the Trump administration will be reminding them.

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God Bless.

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