BREAKING: Does Pelosi Have Dementia? This Statement Has Some Conservatives And Liberals Guessing…


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Earth To Pelosi: ‘Actually, just stay put.’

Okay. She probably doesn’t have dementia. But she’s also probably wishing that excuse was available at this point. From the woman that told Americans they needed to vote to enact legislation before they could find out what is in it another regrettable phrase has been uttered.  Nancy Pelosi has promised her constituents that she would oppose President Bush’s agenda — eight years too late.  The gaffe slipped from her lips without correction as staffers  and colleagues standing around her shuffled awkwardly. Pelosi was speaking to reporters with some of her Democrat pals in the House when the soon-to-be famous words dropped.  It’s safe to assume she was referring to our current President Donald J. Trump. But it is quite an error to make.


She always has this “What do you want from me? I’m just your representative in Congress. It’s like you think I work for you or something…” look on her face doesn’t she?

It’s not hard to make the argument that Democrats are out of touch with the people.  It’s beginning to become rather easy to claim they hardly grasp reality.  According to The Washington Free Beacon, it’s unclear which Bush she meant:

It appears that members standing behind Pelosi noticed the mistake but chose not to correct or interrupt her. It remains unclear, however, exactly which “President Bush” the minority leader was referring to.
The minority leader was seemingly confusing the current president with President George W. Bush, who has not been in office for eight years. Pelosi, however, was also in office during the administration of President George H.W. Bush, who was in office 24 years ago.
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A humorous tale from the web claims that President Trump has been so on the money with his political predictions that he must have a time machine.  Considering rumor has it that George P. Bush, the son of the failed, “low-energy” Jeb Bush, is pondering a future presidential run from the Great State of Texas.   George parted with his father during the election and through his weighted endorsement behind the Gilded Commander-in-chief.  If Pelosi has access to that same time machine, AFF Media (which also calls California ‘homeas long as being conservative is still legal there) would be shocked — but we’re also beginning to run out of excuses for why our fellow Californians repeatedly elect her. 

Pelosi has “served” her constituents — and mostly herself — for the past 24 years.

It MUST be tough on the West Coast!

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This article was written by Brett MacDonald, a political commentator, and an Eisenhower Republican. As an initial supporter of the New Right,  MacDonald covers US Policy from a Nationalist’s perspective and is dedicated to making America great again. 

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God Bless.

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