EXCLUSIVE: Pelosi Hammer Attack Takes Major TWIST- Why Were Windows Broken From INSIDE The House And Man Arrested Turns Out To Be Gay? Here’s The Details


New details have emerged in the hammer attack that brings up some serious questions.

1- There are reports that someone inside Pelosi’s home opened the door and let him in.

2-The glass from the broken windows landed on the out side of the house leading one to believe the glass was broken from the inside.


Something stinks here folks and we’ll get to the details but first here’s the original report.

The maniac simply walked into the house and that’s when all hell broke loose.

More and more democrats are reaping the rewards of their stances on crime and their Anti-Police garbage.

Anyways , Paul Pelosi got brutally attacked and if it were not for the police, he would be DEAD.


San Francisco has turned into a cesspool thanks to Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats.

Let’s be clear- we do not condone any violence regardless of one’s political party.

Here’s some 411 on the attack and the suspect.

The suspect’s name is David DePape and he appears to be a complete FREAK!

Fox News reports that DePape assaulted Pelosi, 82, with a hammer just before 2:30 a.m. Friday at the couple’s multimillion-dollar San Francisco estate, according to officials. Nancy Pelosi, the highest ranking member of the House, was not present in the home at the time.

When the police arrived, DePape was standing in his underwear.

Officers then immediately tackled the suspect and took him into custody. Police are still investigating the motive, and did not provide additional details about the hammer used.

During the  San Fransisco Police Press Conference, it was noted that both men were holding the hammer, and it wasn’t until police arrived Speaker Pelosi’s husband was attacked.



“Early this morning, an assailant broke into the Pelosi residence in San Francisco and violently assaulted Mr. Pelosi. The assailant is in custody and the motivation for the attack is under investigation. Mr. Pelosi was taken to the hospital, where he is receiving excellent medical care and is expected to make a full recovery. The Speaker was not in San Francisco at the time,” Drew Hammill, spokesman for Nancy Pelosi said.

“The Speaker and her family are grateful to the first responders and medical professionals involved, and request privacy at this time.”


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DePape, a 42-year-old with a concerning online presence and ties to a radical nudist activist, is accused of breaking into the San Francisco home of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Friday morning and attacking her husband with a hammer, according to city police.

Officers arrested the Berkeley man after they responded to a call around 2:30 a.m. and encountered him and the congresswoman’s 82-year-old husband, Paul Pelosi, struggling over a hammer.

“The suspect pulled the hammer away from Mr. Pelosi and violently assaulted him with it,” San Francisco Police Chief William Scott said during a news briefing later that morning. “Our officers immediately tackled the suspect, disarmed him, took him into custody, requested emergency backup and rendered medical aid.”

Facebook disabled DePape’s profile early Friday and declined to answer questions. At least two online blogs under DePape’s name are stocked with posts from the years of 2007 and 2022 speaking of “censorship,” “Big Brother,” and pedophiles. One contained calls for violence and antisemitic content. It was not immediately clear that he was responsible for the posts, and San Francisco police did not immediately respond to questions about DePape’s online presence.

Teresa DePape, the wife of the suspect’s adoptive father Gene, told the San Francisco Chronicle that he left Canada after high school, roughly two decades ago, and the family lost touch.

“I never thought of David as a violent person,” she told the paper. “I can see David defending himself – why he’s in somebody’ else’s house looking for someone, I don’t know.”

“Mr. DePape was booked at San Francisco County Jail on the following charges of attempted homicide, assault with a deadly weapon, elder abuse, burglary and several other additional felonies,” the chief said.

100 Percent FED Up has more:

And while the leftist media would like to portray this man as a Trump following white, Christian, conservative, he also posted long rants about religion, saying ‘Jesus is the antichrist.’ But, of course, a conservative Christian would believe such a statement is blasphemous.

DePape’s home in Berkeley is dubbed a “hippie collective,” according to neighbors. Beyond that, not much more is yet known about the young man with the rainbow (gay) flag hanging from the front of his home in Berkeley, CA.

So is DePape gay? Is Pelosi? And why was he standing in his underwear in Pelosi’s home next to Paul Pelosi? And while we’re asking questions, who was the person inside Paul Pelosi’s vehicle when he was arrested for a DUI several months ago?


Now, it’s being reported by the Daily Mail that the nudist ex-lover of the man who attacked Paul Pelosi is a pedophile who attempted to kidnap a 14-year-old boy and allegedly bought sex dolls for her sons to use.

Oxane ‘Gypsy’ Taub, 53, the former lover of David DePape, who is charged with attacking Pelosi in his San Francisco home, was convicted in 2021 for child abuse.

Prosecutors said Taub, who once protested naked in front of San Francisco City Hall, had been stalking the boy, sending him emails and messages and trying to lure him to secretly meet with her.

A neighbor, who identified herself only as Tish, claimed the duo would buy the drugs from Mexico ‘and then they bring it back here and treat people’s mental health illnesses.’

She alleged that Taub and DePape would abuse the pills themselves, wailing at night and sweating profusely from trips that appeared to last three days.

Third Person

It also appears that a THIRD person was present at the Pelosi mansion at the time of the alleged break-in. Greg Price of Newsmax shared a screenshot of a Politico article revealing that a THIRD person opened the door to allow police to enter.

So, who is David DePape? And why are the doors to the Pelosi mansion broken “out” instead of “in?” I’m not a detective, but if someone was breaking into their mansion with a hammer, wouldn’t the damage to their windows look much different? (See images below)


Was this a gay lovers quarrel?

Stranger things have happened!

The motive remained under investigation, he added. The FBI and Capitol Police were assisting.

We previously reported that Paul Pelosi was most recently in the headlines after he pleaded guilty to DUI charges stemming from a car crash in California.

Nancy Pelosi reportedly visited her husband on Saturday.

The Pelosi homes have been vandalized before.

We previously reported that a YouTuber filmed himself defecating on the driveway of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco residence, referring to it as a form of “peaceful protest.”

The man, who goes by “Mando,” posted a two-hour livestream on Saturday titled “Poopalosi,” part of which shows the YouTuber crouching in the speaker’s driveway.

San Francisco is notorious for their homeless using the city streets as their public bathroom and it turns out that Pelosi’s residence was used as a peaceful protest.

After completing the deed, he walks back to the camera and utters, “That was for President Trump.” However, he later said he is “not really very political.”


According to the New York Post, Mando “said he’s part of a niche YouTube community that creates ‘IRL’ or ‘in real life’ livestream videos chronicling long stretches of unfiltered daily life,” which began after he became homeless six years ago. Since the coronavirus lockdowns and restrictions, he has struggled to find a public bathroom to use, and viewers jokingly told him to take his issue to Pelosi’s driveway.

The man was detained shortly after by the Bay Area Rapid Transit Police Department on behalf of the Capitol Police.

The man has since apologized and stated that he is not proud of what he did.

Anyways, Mr. Pelosi was taken to a nearby hospital and was “expected to make a full recovery,”

We wish Mr. Pelosi a swift recovery from this insane attack.

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God Bless.

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