PELOSI: Members Of Congress Will STARVE Without Their Paychecks!


I’m thinking these multi-millionaires can wait a few weeks for their checks if they have too…


I’m not a millionaire unfortunately and most likely never will be. I’m okay with that. As a man that has worked hard my entire life I tend to get agitated at rich people that bitch about their problems. These people haven’t got a clue what it’s like to work your butt off 6 days a week just to scrape by and STILL live paycheck to paycheck.

So when I hear Hillary Clinton tell me that she and Slick Willie were ‘FLAT-BROKE’ or Moochelle say what a ‘STRUGGLE’ the Obamas’ are having I am frankly offended. Now we have another MILLIONAIRE Nancy Pelosi bitching about how about how she and the other millionaires in Congress can’t live without their paycheck on time! Yeah, she actually said that-unbelievably out of touch. They all are.

From Mediaite:

“I don’t know about you, but I think almost everybody I know cannot live without having our paycheck on time — members of Congress even,” Pelosi said at a Capitol Hill press conference on Thursday. “And yet they’re asking the Department of Homeland Security people to do that.”

  at DOWNTREND adds: 

It is reported that Nancy Pelosi has amassed $29 million in personal wealth. Somehow I think she’d be fine missing out on a paycheck or two. In fact, most members of Congress are millionaires, making it kind of hard to feel sorry for them claiming poverty. The average net worth for the Senate is above $12 million and for the House, above $6 million.

Applying this furlough scenario to Congress by imagining that we could cut off funding to our lawmakers is even less of a catastrophe. According to Mediaite, members of Congress make $174,000 a year. Assuming they get paid every two weeks, a minor shutdown would cost them $6692.31. I doubt there would be a long line of Congress members at the DC payday loan store.

Nancy Pelosi would still be able to afford her weekly collagen injections. Elizabeth Warren wouldn’t have to pawn her Native American headdress collection. Dianne Feinstein could still afford to renew her concealed weapons permit. The Champaign and caviar would still flow.

For Pelosi to say that almost everybody she knows would be hurting to lose a paycheck for a week or two is utter BS. She knows other rich people. She hangs out with other rich people. I guarantee you she doesn’t have one friend or associate that isn’t filthy stinking rich. I think what she meant to say was she knows of people who would struggle if they missed a paycheck. I’m sure she’s seen them on TV or something.

So the bottom line is this, at least this is how most of us feel. We don’t care if you miss your paycheck do to incompetence on the part of the government to sort out the difference in funding the DHS and letting MILLIONS of ILLEGAL ALIENS into our country! We DEMAND our borders are secure and that people that want to be Americans go through the process that is required!

Why is this so hard to understand? Just because the Kenyan wants to carve a name for himself in history as some kind of savior (or more appropriately, Allah) that doesn’t negate the fact that his actions are fricking ILLEGAL! NOT TO MENTION WE DON’T WANT AMNESTY! So, until you government hacks get you’re crap together you’ll just have to pinch your pennies like the rest of us. Fire a few servants or mow your own lawn, I couldn’t care less. You people are pathetic…


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