BREAKING: The PENTAGON SHUTS DOWN ” Rolling Thunder” AKA “POW-MIA” Motorcycle Ride- Wrong People To Piss Off

It’s Not The Size Of The Dog In The Fight, It’s The Size Of The Fight In The Dog! HELL YEAH!

As the Pentagon focuses on making our military “woke and diversified” it appears that they have lost touch of reality and controlled by a government that seeks to destroy our military.


This is not just heartbreaking, as a vet, but infuriating on every single level!  The blatant insult to those who have served our nation and sacrificed all, are too be honored and never forgotten, yet the Pentagon would rather cave to Biden’s regime and their agenda to destroy our nation and the core of what makes our military the most feared and badass military on the planet, the U.S. Soldier.

The Pentagon has blamed coronavirus health concerns for the rejection of a permit for the Rolling to Remember motorcycle ride to honor POW/MIA veterans, according to event organizers, Breitbart reports. 

The event, formerly known as Rolling Thunder, is being organized by AMVETS and is held annually each Memorial Day in Washington, DC. This year, organizers expect to draw in an estimated 50,000 visitors who want to pay tribute to veterans.

Joe Chenelly, the national executive director of AMVETS, spoke to Breitbart News about the permit rejection and said the permit was applied for last May, amid the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.


Chenelly said once AMVETS applied for the permit, the Pentagon “wouldn’t communicate with us” and, to this day, “still haven’t really communicated with us.”

Those in charge at the Pentagon and the military brass need to be ashamed of themselves and need a damn slap to their face to wake them the hell up!  This is unacceptable and you would think they would know better than to piss off vets.

The vets of our nation are from generations of warfighters that are the backbone of our nation.  The men and women who served didn’t play the political horseshit and P.C. “woke” garbage.  They were the last generation of our military that earned their rank through mud n blood and making the green grass grow!

Breitbart continued: 

In early March, Chenelly said the Pentagon approved the permit, but he was wary of the approval because there were no meetings that typically take place in order to get safety protocols in place. Upon calling the permit office, Chenelly said the permit was confirmed and he was told to contact Pentagon police to work on conducting a meeting “in a few weeks.”

“I called the Pentagon police and said, ‘let’s work together,’ and for eight days we did that,” Chenelly said, noting that he had already began planning for other sites in fear that the Pentagon would back out over COVID-19 concerns.

“Once we got confirmed for the permit … we stopped working with them and then eight days later the Pentagon calls and says, ‘Sorry, we made a mistake, we shouldn’t have sent that to you. You don’t have the permit. We will tell you when we make a decision,’” Chenelly said, paraphrasing remarks from the Pentagon.

Upon asking who the “decision makers are” so meetings could be arranged, Chenelly said he received no response, even after formulating a well-thought-out safety plan regarding the coronavirus.

This is such a cowardly move by the Pentagon, we all know damn well that if this was some Black Lives Matter, Antifa or gay pride event, it would not only be approved, but they would most likely receive huge donations as well as celebrity and political sheep to show up and babble their rhetoric.

The way AMVETS is handling this needs commended on every level and shows the intelligence as well as the calm under fire of our military vets.  They could call for vets to show up and protest, smack down those who attempt to stop them and show the nation what real men and women can accomplish.

Instead, they are taking a far better approach and one that embodies the military mindset of never surrender.

As Breitbart explains, regardless of the Pentagon’s denial of a permit, Chenelly said the event will go on as a “plan B and a plan C” are in the works, telling Breitbart News that event organizers are also looking at Robert F. Kennedy (RFK) Park as another staging location.

“Absolutely. We will do something. As a matter of fact, we were just at RFK’s parking lot this afternoon and we have a plan B and a plan C,” Chenelly said. “Plan B is to stage at RFK parking lot, but that requires a waiver from the district.”

“Plan C is staging around the National Mall in downtown D.C. on the public streets,” Chenelly added. “That doesn’t require a permit because this is a First Amendment event.”

Chenelly also praised the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia, saying, “they’ve been fantastic” amid a potential growth in the number of event participants.

“We know people are coming for sure,” Chenelly said of the event.


You are damn right, the event to honor the falling and the missing damn well should go on and no meat puppet sheep in the Pentagon should be allowed to shut down a national event that honors and remembers the best of us!

This shows everyone that we are not like the left air breathers who riot, loot and cause violence and throw temper tantrums because we didn’t get our way.  Honor, integrity, humility, selflessness, respect, valor and gratitude lead the way!

Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA) said in a statement Thursday that if President Joe Biden’s administration does not act to ensure the permit is approved, he will introduce “legislation to ensure that it does not shut out these veterans.”

“I call on President Biden to reverse the Pentagon’s insulting decision to block patriotic Americans from organizing in remembrance of POW/MIAs in Washington, D.C. this Memorial Day,” Issa said. “Just days ago, President Biden hosted an outdoor drive-in political rally. The Rolling to Remember outdoor ride-in event is no less deserving of approval, yet was denied by the Administration.”

“If this decision stands, their priorities are backwards,” he added. “Now is the time to do the right thing. Memorial Day is weeks away. Approve the event permit and welcome patriotic veterans with pride. If the Administration does not act, I am authoring legislation to ensure that it does not shut out these veterans.”

The Pentagon and military Brass chose “wokeness and diversity” over training our soldiers to be warfighters, that shows a clear lack of leadership and leadership that has been infiltrated by those who seek to destroy our military.

The Rank and File has been corrupted and one should be grateful that they did not serve under these clowns.

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