BREAKING: We Have The Proof That People Are DYING Because Of What The Biden Regime Just Caught Doing…

The left’s lies and cover-ups are coming to light and the more evidence that is presented, the more horrific the nightmare is.  The Biden regime and whomever is pulling their strings, every single one of them has blood on their hands as well as changed every single red-blooded Americans lives!

All because of their deep seeded hate over former President Trump and his goals to Make America Great Again.


Former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows on Wednesday sounded off on COVID-19’s origins, which increasing evidence is pointing to a lab in Wuhan, China, Breitbart reports. 

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In 2020, then-President Donald Trump floated the theory the virus came from the lab, but members of the left immediately shot him down.


With more people, including opponents of Trump, admitting Trump’s theory is “plausible,” Meadows said on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom” that there is now a “cover-up” to keep from having to hold China accountable for the outbreak.

“Really, what we are is in a Biden cover-up mode because they aren’t going to hold China accountable,” Meadows emphasized. “Martha, Bill, when you are covering this topic, you are one of the few people willing to do it. Mainstream media and other outlets now are starting to say that it is plausible, but, you know, the headlines almost a year ago when the president was talking about this, the Washington Post came out and said, oh, it was debunked. Now, they are having to change that.”


First of all, when COVID-19 first started, many Americans told people that this was a biological weapon released out of Wuhan Lab in China.  They were ridiculed, called Conspiracy Tin Foil Hat wack jobs as well as shunned by the public and some lost their jobs for simply stating the facts.

Well that conspiracy theory has turned into a conspiracy FACT and it is not about vindication but rather a sigh of relief that people are finally seeing the truth.

The left mainstream media CNN, NPR and MSNBC reported the lies that the left demanded were true, all the while they knew it was complete bullshit.  The mainstream media propaganda machines CNN, NPR and MSNBC are all guilty of engaging in a disinformation campaign that resulted in the deaths of many Americans.

Breitbart continued with Meadows statement:

He continued, “I can tell you there is always a rush between some in the media to assume that the president was not right. And I can tell you President Trump was right when he said that people were spying on his campaign. They said that was not true. He was right when he says we weren’t literally looking at paying ransom — Russians were paying ransom in terms of the whole Russia hoax there, and he is right again that we need to investigate it, but yet we have an international group that’s saying we aren’t going to look any further. It doesn’t come as a surprise, and Joe Biden is not going to hold China accountable, sadly.”

Biden will never allow China to be held accountable, to do so would open up his entire family to being charged as traitors to The United States.  Biden’s drug addicted son, Hunter, took a $1.4B LP commitment into his private equity fund from the Chinese government-affiliated Bank of China despite his having no private equity experience. The whole family is on the take and selling their nation as well as the citizens lives and they could care less who suffers because of it.

How in the hell is he still allowed on The White House grounds and better yet, how in the hell have the American public allowed this communistic experiment to continue for so long?

With all the daily evidence coming out against Biden and the regime one would think a strong and great nation would hammer down on such traitors who continue to deal in human lives all in the name of money and greed.

Is THIS the New America that we all want to live in?


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God Bless.

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