People Are FREAKING OUT Over ‘Update’ On Obama’s Twitter Profile, And They Should Be

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Barack Obama may be relatively quiet on the television airwaves, but he’s been making plenty of noise in the background.

Numerous reports have pegged him at the center of the disruptions at GOP town hall events, and his former campaign PAC Organizing For America has been organizing leftist non-profits to protest around the country in an effort to undermine the Trump presidency. But his latest move on the social media giant Twitter has people seriously questioning what the hell it is he thinks he’s doing, and it’s easy to see why.

Check it out:

In the “updated” profile, Obama lists himself as “PRESIDENT.”

Now do you see why people are freaking out? What may seem innocuous to some seems like his refusal to accept reality to others, especially since he’s living in a “Shadow White House” just blocks from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., where he has an office along with his wife and other staffers from his administration, including Valerie Jarrett.

As BizPac Review noted, past presidents acknowledge themselves as just that; past presidents:

Adding to the creep factor, while Jimmy Carter does not have a Twitter account, he is identified as “former U.S. President” on the Carter Center account. George H.W. Bush is identified as the “41st President of the United States of America,” and Bill Clinton bills himself as the “42nd President of the United States.”

Reactions on social media weren’t pretty:

You get the idea. People aren’t happy, and they shouldn’t be.

Just as Obama and his acolytes lamented there should only be one president as he prepared to leave office, there should only be one president now. So please, Obama, just go away already!

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God Bless.

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