People HORRIFIED Seeing 3 ‘Items’ Muslim Man Tossed Out Window Like TRASH

A Syrian refugee has been arrested for committing a horrific crime in a refugee center which is a perfect example of why we DON’T want these scumbags coming to America.

Police received a call from a man who witnessed children being thrown out of a window at an ‘asylum seekers center’ in Lohmar, Germany.


When medics reached the scene they found two of the children with serious injuries and they were both helicoptered to a nearby hospital, Daily Mail reports. A third child, aged one, was returned to his mother after treatment for light injuries after being kept overnight in hospital for observation.


The severely injured – a five-year-old boy and his sister, seven, suffered severe head and internal trauma.

A special police squad has been formed to probe the incident – one of a rising number of violent crimes among refugee families,

The ‘accommodation center’ was declared a crime scene and cordoned off and the 30 people living in the house – a former Chinese restaurant – moved elsewhere.

The refugee was arrested at the scene is being charged with attempted murder.


Again, we don’t want these animals in America. This behavior is typical in this barbaric Islamic breed of humans.


God Bless.

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God Bless.

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