Perpetually Offended Liberals Strike Again… FB Page “Barack Obama’s Dead Fly” Shut Down


Liberalism is a mental disorder. We keep saying it, and it keeps ringing true.

In the latest example of Facebook liberal favoritism, many of the 320,000 fans of the Facebook page “Barack Obama’s Dead Fly” awoke to find the following message:


The admins of the page report that the page was shut down for alleged “bullying”, a violation of Facebook’s TOS- proving once again that truth really is the new hate speech. Any conservative that has ever spent more than a minute or two on “Being Liberal” is well aware what real bullying is:


Fans can reach the new page at their alternate site, just click on the RED:

Baracks Dead Fly

Patryk Patrioti



Editor’s note: AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS would like to extend our deepest condolences to the BODF crew for their loss. We know how much time and dedication it takes to build successful pages and it’s shocking to wake up only to have your page gone by a mere click of a button from some anonymous liberal or even worse some outsourced foreigner. 

I’ll also note that this practice is not new. Extremely Pissed Off RIGHT Wingers was shut down for ‘nudity.’ That was 100% false. There was absolutely no nudity on that page. Others such as Locked and Loaded, Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children and many others have been shut down for reasons ranging from hate speech to a number of ridiculous reasons. All have proven to be unfairly shut down but there is really no other discourse but to start all over again. 


Facebook Has Banned Us!

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