BREAKING: Pfizer BUSTED Admitting The Vaccine Can Give You THIS… It Explains EVERYTHING That’s Happening


There are new reports that the Pfizer vax has major side effects that cause strokes, heart failure, blood clots and more.

You have to admit that a lot of unexpected deaths have occurred lately that appear to be related to the EXPERIMENTAL VAX.

BIG PHARMA as well as the government have made BILLIONS off the vax but it’s not looking good as far of the safety of getting jabbed!

Check this out!

Mac Slavo at SHTFplan reports that a Pfizer scientist has admitted to an undercover Project Veritas journalist that the company he works for have at least an idea that the COVID-19 “vaccines” the government is pushing have damaged hearts and caused myocarditis. Chris Croce, a senior associate scientist at Pfizer, said the company is well aware of the fact that cases of heart attack and heart disease are soaring among people who took the injections.

Croce told an undercover Project Veritas reporter that Pfizer is currently conducting a “test” to see if its COVID-19 injections are causing the heart problems. This is most likely a scheme in an attempt to get ahead of all of the negative news about these shots. The idea is to get ahead of what they already know is coming.

Confidential Pfizer and Government Docs Confirm ADE, VAED, and AIDS From COVID Shots

Keep in mind that these studies are being done by the same people who profit off these shots and who call those who don’t prefer their product “criminals.”

Pfizer CEO: If You Dislike My Product, You’re A Criminal

“So … um … yeah … we’re doing, we just sent, like, 3,000 patients’ samples to get tested for, like, elevated troponin levels (levels to detect heart attack), um, to see if it’s vaccine-based – or, so,” Croce told the reporter. “We just sent [the first batch] over this past week, and the last batch will be sent over next week. All external testing,” he added according to a report by Natural News.

Croce’s subtle admissions both in the tone of voice and the words he used to describe this mysterious “test” are all but undeniable proof that Pfizer is concerned about the growing fallout from the release of its COVID injections. –Natural News

The company clearly knows that there are about to be facing a lot of backlash as even the most delusional of people start to figure out what’s going on.

As was reported by Project Veritas back in 2021, Pfizer has known for quite some time that natural immunity (an unvaccinated immune system) is optimal and far superior to the fake “immunity” generated by its own shots. “When somebody is naturally immune, like, they got COVID, they probably have better – not better, but more antibodies against the virus,” stated someone from Pfizer named Mr. Karl to an undercover reporter.

“Because what the vaccine is, like I said, that protein that’s just on the outside, so it’s one antibody against one specific part of the virus.”

The CDC (Finally) Admitted the Science of Natural Immunity. Why Did It Take so Long?

STUDY: Natural Immunity Offered More Protection Against Omicron Than 3 Vaccine Doses

Pfizer’s own “safety” data shows that they knew this “vaccine” was far from safe or effective. It even got so bad, that members of the ruling class who had allegedly taken 3 or more shots had to tell the public they had COVID and would have surely died without the injections. Of course, there’s no way to know that so most of the panic-stricken and naive masses of Americans bought it.

This seems like a desperate attempt to get ahead of a big storm. Or is it just another coincidence that all of a sudden Pfizer “cares” that it’s product is killing people?

I’m not a doctor but personally I have had serious concerns about this rushed vax from the beginning.

*For concerns about COVID and the vaccinations consult medical professionals.


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