Phil Robertson The Real Story Or Smoke To Hide The Fire

As we all know Phil Robertson is very outspoken about his beliefs, he does not fear criticism. He also doesn’t care about what a yuppie TV station has to say about his comments. If anyone pays attention to past interviews, they know if you ask the man a question, you will get an honest answer.

The question now was this a set-up to create the usual smoke to hide the fire. After all for the last two days all the main stream media and social networks have been covering none other than what Phil said.

What has not been covered at all is what is going on in congress. What exactly is in the budget deal. The first budget to be passed in five years. Also not covered is OH SB 248which is setting up Ohio to ban Home-school. With some very strict regulations.

Maybe it could be the new law passed in DC that will require all gun owners that are being forced to Re-register their guns.

It could also be that in the state of Delaware alone 4 million dollars was spent to enroll 4 people in obamacare alone. Many states are reporting similar costs as well.

There is so much going on, that a diversion of any kind was needed. Not to mention all of the past actions of this administration, that have yet to be brought to justice.

It could be that Phil was just a victim of the PC world we live in today. It could also be that he was a diversion to keep the heat off of the very things we have been pressing the Government about. At this time no one truly knows, because we do not have any honesty coming from our elected officials.

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