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Turkey’s Deputy Minister for European Affairs has called the United States Central Command ‘criminals’ for helping to train and arm female Kurds that are fighting off ISIS.  

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He tried to claim that they were child soldiers too.

This very controversial statement from a supposed ally and it is one that cannot go unnoticed by the average American.  

Since Turkey is a member of NATO they are able to draw all other members of NATO into an armed conflict against one of their enemies.  


With that in mind, it’s worth noting that these remarks come just a few short months after the suspicious assassination of a Russian ambassador by a radical Islamic Turk and just a year after Turkish forces shot a Russian bomber out of the sky.  

This irresponsible and disrespectful regime could force us into a war and Americans need to consider closely who we associate with.


The deputy minister, Ali Sahin, pretended that his reason for calling out CENTCOM had to do with the age of the fighters–but it is well-documented that the Kurds only deploy women that are between the ages of 18-40 to the frontlines.  Still, Sahin chose to pretend they are mere kids.  He’s not even the lone Turk doing this.  Indeed, there are a number of reports coming out of Turkey claiming that the Pentagon has admitted to supplying arms to children.  They claim that we see it as a cultural difference. Those reports are totally false, or as some of our readers might prefer, very fake news.

Still, we called the Pentagon Press Office to determine what was going on.  Major Adrian J.T. Rankine-Galloway was kind enough to speak with us over the phone and quickly put the issue to rest by assuring that no such statement was ever released.  Major Rankine-Galloway indicated that he released a statement to two Turkish outlets and offered to forward it along to our office:

The US Government does not condone the use of child soldiers.  We take our responsibilities with respect to the law of armed conflict seriously.  We vet the individuals and groups we train and equip, and expect supported groups’ compliance with the law of armed conflict and human rights norms.

Now, here’s where things get interesting: this isn’t the statement being circulated by the Turkish press.  Instead, they have been spreading a false statement attributed to an entirely different Pentagon spokesman: Capt. Jeff Davis.  Let’s be very clear, the following statement was never said by any representative from the United States Armed Forces.  The quote below is foreign fake news but many Turks will see and believe it nonetheless:

Of course , it is not an acceptable situation for a person under the age of 18 to be sent to war, but it is not surprising considering the status and cultural structure of the region. We want to give them only support and fight against IŞİD. (translated by Google)

This is the statement that the Turkish Deputy Minister is basing his defamatory claims from as he repeatedly insists the United States arms children.  We do not arm children and the Kurds do not deploy children.  ISIS certainly does send children to the front lines to die though.

This suits the Turkish agenda nicely.  The Turks are hoping to turn a destabilized Syrian regime into their client state and have made repeated demands for the US and Russia to withdraw from the conflict so that they can become a regional hegemonic power.  Just the other day, Turkey demanded the Kurds withdraw from the Syrian city of Manbij.  Officials in Ankara are angered that the promises made by the weak administration of President Obama have now been broken by President Trump.  Too bad. The fact is, the Kurds sacrificed their blood and energy to take Manbij and there’s nothing reasonable about forcing them to withdraw from a city their compatriots gave their lives to take.

It isn’t really a secret that Turkey hates the Kurds, that the average Turk hates Russia (and pretty much everyone else), and that the United States has been growing closer with both parties in recent months.  Don’t be shocked that foreign news outlets mince and report statements either.  If our own reporters can’t be trusted, how can theirs?  One last question, if the Deputy Minister was at all concerned about sharing the images of alleged children, why did he go and share them to his own timeline with additional photos? These aren’t children.  

These are Kurdish Valkyries and they’re picking up rifles while men  flee to Europe.

Thanks for reading. Please be sure to share this information wisely.

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