SICK: Photo of Black Kid Flipping Off Police Officers Goes Viral, Then Cops Do THIS …


A picture of a cute young black kid with a Police officer is going viral and when you see this you will know why.

Actually, there is NOTHING cute about this mini-thug, in fact he is a future racist, anti-cop little thug. Am I racist? No. This punk and his dad are.


The little thug is pictured flipping off a cop. And his dad actually TAUGHT the punk to do this. This little kid looks to be 4 or 5 years old.

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Check this out:



That’s not a balloon, that is a thug giving a hero the finger. This is sickening.


A local blog claims that a father taught his son to give the middle finger to police officers, WGGB reports.

Despite seeing the graphic image and a growing support for anti-police movements, Sgt. John Delaney of the Springfield Police Department says that won’t change his commitment to protecting his community:

“I would go and rescue that little boy if he was drowning, if he was in a car accident, if he was choking on something, and I would do that and not ask for thanks. And there are 400 other police officers in the city of Springfield that would do the same,” said Sgt. John Delaney with the Springfield Police Department.

Activists say that the type of behavior displayed in this photo can harm their cause. Crowds of people joined together in a peaceful march to the federal courthouse in Springfield.

“I think that just shows bad parenting. That doesn’t represent anybody for the whole race or for our cause,” said Chico Dusty, of Springfield.  “Just because we come together in protest, don’t  mean that we’re against all police officers, just the ones that abuse their power.”

IJ Review has more:

But not everyone had such a tactful response. Many people shamed the boy’s father for his behavior, like Ann Marie Burke, who commented on the Facebook post:

“Just proves that hate comes from what parents teach their children. I hope that father never needs to be saved by the police someday!”

Paul Mccarthy also expressed his concern over male role models in the child’s life:

“This little boys father is an absolute moron! Hopefully this little boy has another adult in his life to use as a role model…”

And Jenn Gavin argued the world is as “hate-filled” as it is due to parenting such as this:

“The problem is mostly taught at home. If your taught ignorance and racism then your taught to hate. Shame on this parent. And you wonder why this is a ugly world we live in now.”

Regardless of the now-viral photo, the Springfield Police Department says that the community has supported them in what has been a very difficult week for the law enforcement community.

Animals are out of control. Even 4 year old’s.

Screw Obama and BLM. Go to hell you racist TRASH.

God Bless America!


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