LOOK! Photo Of Cop Goes VIRAL When People Spot Who’s Lurking Behind Him…

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Circleville, Ohio – A man was passing through a vacant lot when he spotted a Sheriff from another county standing outside his vehicle seemingly working on some kind of problem.

The man was armed and he staked out the officer while snapping a photo which has gone viral.

The man’s name is Tyler Russell and he wanted to get a message to the deputy that he watched so he sent the photo he took along with his epic message to the Ohio Going Blue Facebook page.

Here’s his post in it’s entirety!

Please share this, we would love for this to get back to the Deputy!
Sent to OGB from a follower.

“To the sheriff deputy outside messing with his cruiser what you didn’t know was I sat in this parking spot watching over you watching your back I got your 6.”

“What else you didn’t know was that I got a CCW and I will protect your life if it comes down to it.”

“Your not on your own out here.”

“Stay safe sir. This is at the Circleville,Ohio Wal-Mart but however you are from a different county.”

-Tyler Russell


Many of us who legally carry a weapon with us feel the exact same as this patriot! We will watch over those who dedicate their lives to protect and serve Americans.

Obama has created a violent anti law enforcement environment with his racist agenda and his adoration for thugs- as long as they aren’t white thugs.

Obama is an avid supporter of Black Lives Matter, a domestic terrorist group hell bent on killing whites and cops.

This all ends on January 20th folks!

To all law enforcement officers we want you to stay safe and pledge to you that WE HAVE YOUR BACKS!

God Bless.


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