Photo Of Nashville Christmas Bomber Emerges- We Have The Pic And Details That Explain EVERYTHING

PHOTO OF BOMBER EMERGES: May Have Been 5G Conspiracy Theorist, Believed In Aliens

NASHVILLE — The US Attorney for the Middle District of Tennessee, Don Cochran, said Sunday that the man responsible for the explosion that shook Downtown Nashville on Christmas morning has been positively identified.

Anthony Quinn Warner, 63, of Bakertown Road in Antioch, Tennessee, was linked by DNA to the explosion, officials said. He was killed in the apparent suicide blast.


“Anthony Warner is the bomber, he was present when the bomb went off and he perished in the bombing,” Cochran said. Adding investigators believe he acted alone and there is no ongoing threat to the community.


No one else was killed in the blast, as Warner had set-up a speaker system warning people to evacuate.


Six police officers are being credited with perhaps saving dozens of lives.

It was also revealed Sunday that a song played before the audio warning and countdown. The song was “Downtown,” the 1964 hit by Petula Clark.

The investigation continues into a possible motive and officials are probing whether Warner was a believer of the 5G conspiracy theory. Some people believe 5G towers cause cancer or are used by the federal government for spying on citizens.

According to ABC News’ Chief Investigative reporter Josh Margolin, police say ‘it appears’ Warner believed in Aliens.

The mystery grows as police remain tight-lipped about what they found at Warner’s home.

At a press conference Sunday, officials would not classify the act as terrorism–nor would they say if they found a letter or manifesto.


*Some additional material was added.

To be clear, we really don’t know what the real story is as the FBI is corrupt and a part of the DEEP STATE.

This whole thing stinks to high heaven.

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