WHOA! BREAKING ALERT: Look What TOP Dem Just Did To PISS OFF Lunatic Pelosi!

Kyrsten Sinema has blasted Nancy Pelosi for failing to vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill. But it’s not Pelosi’s fault. The Speaker of the House, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and other progressives opposed voting on the bill unless the reconciliation bill is passed first. I’m lovin’ it because I don’t want either bill to pass. The bipartisan bill was crafted by Democrats and RINOs and is not a bill that covers the real need for infrastructure.

The Arizona senator vented on Twitter against the House Speaker:


“Canceling the U.S. House vote on the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act denies Americans millions of new good-paying jobs and hurts everyday families.”

For some odd reason, Democrats think that Americans want the 3.5 trillion dollar plan even though all of the polls say otherwise. The bill is packed with so much spending that has nothing to do with infrastructure. The Democrats justify it by claiming it is human infrastructure. That’s a phrase not even a mother could love. There has not been such a poorly named definition, since near beer.

Liberals were upset that Sinema went home to Arizona to see her foot doctor instead of sticking around to witness the Democratic infighting. But, both Sinema and Sen Joe Manchin have said they will not vote for the 3.5 trillion dollar package. Pay close attention to the criticism being heaped on Manchin because he is just liable to switch parties and that would possibly kill the entire Biden agenda, Bankrupt America First.

FOX News reported:

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz., on Saturday tore into Democratic leadership over what she described as an “inexcusable” failure to hold a vote on a bipartisan infrastructure bill — a move she said betrays the trust of the American people.

“The failure of the U.S. House to hold a vote on the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is inexcusable, and deeply disappointing for communities across our country,” the moderate Democrat said in a lengthy statement. “Denying Americans millions of good-paying jobs, safer roads, cleaner water, more reliable electricity, and better broadband only hurts everyday families.”

The vote on the bipartisan legislation in the House was delayed as the far-left wing of the Democratic caucus refused to back the bill unless there was an agreement on a separate $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation package packed with left-wing spending priorities and tax increases.

Democrats conceded that the votes were not there to pass the infrastructure bill, with talks still ongoing with moderate Democratic — including Sinema — to come to an agreement on the reconciliation package. Moderates have sought to bring down the massive price tag of the bill, which can pass the Senate without a Republican filibuster if it can drum up the support of all 50 Senate Democrats.



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