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It wasn’t too long ago we were all under the benevolent ruling of king Barry Hussein and all of his cronies and commie pals. During that time, we saw all kinds of stories pop up about things like FEMA death camps, United Nations coming to the states to patrol the streets. None of this ever came to fruition thank God! But it did keep a lot of people on their toes and help raise awareness to people to become more self reliant and make valuable community connections within your own states and so on.

Sadly some of those great networks we saw rise up were then infiltrated by feds who have since used those relationships they cultivated to exploit and persuade their “friends” to commit crimes. We saw hints of this in the January 6th ordeal in Washington D.C. We also saw pieces of this in the plot to kidnap the Michigan governor. All of these plans hatched and pushed forward by feds. While I am no attorney, just a simple layman, I say that this is the epitome of entrapment!



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Why do people have such a mistrust of the government though that they would lean into these networks of folks who want to form militias and such for self defense though?  It is because of all of the Tom foolery we as humans have seen come from the government of the United States. When you mention FEMA Death camps, and Operation Jade helm, some people took that seriously and prepared very seriously for these events that never happened.


They did so because of events in the past like Ruby Ridge, The Bundy’s and their cattle ranch stand-off, Waco, just to name a few times where Government went absolutely bonkers in modern times. Oh and let’s not forget the Boston marathon bombing when the shut down an entire city and drove tanks through neighborhoods knocking on doors. Now I fully understand that the bombing was HORRIBLE, and the scum bags needed to be punished. That doesn’t mean we toss out the rule of law, Constitution, and protections just because we’re afraid though!

Earlier today in one of my random internet travels of the day, I stumbled across a link to the Center for Disease Control and prevention. Normally they put out useless information that ends up being more confusing. However in this memo or quiet release, they detailed out something that is very disturbing. In this report seen here, the CDC lays out very intricate and detailed plans for setting up camps for “high risk people.”


This is the report and we highly suggest you take a good look at it. Just click below after finishing this article.

Interim Operational Considerations for Implementing the Shielding Approach to Prevent COVID-19 Infections in Humanitarian Settings

These people went so far as to talk about how they would separate kids from families if needed. They laid out how some might become angry and start “trouble” if they were denied certain bereavement ceremonies, and other religious rights.

So you keep asking why people don’t want to trust the government. It’s loads of horse manure like this that makes people take up arm’s and say stay the hell away from my family, and get off my lawn! Will any of this actually transpire and come to fruition? I for one hope nothing like this ever occurs in this country or any other country in this world. That of course will be up to each and every single one of us as to how much malarkey we tolerate for the sake of security in financials and comforts of consumerisms.

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