John Podesta Just Said Something So INSANE That People Are Seriously Questioning His Mental Health


Dyed in the wool Communist John Podesta hit the First Amendment with his best shot. Podesta donned his tinfoil hat spinning his conspiracy theory about Russia colluding with so-called “alt-right” American news websites in their efforts to deny Hillary Clinton the Presidency and to continue to damage Democrats.

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Podesta did this in his new capacity giving opinions for the Washington COMPost’s Karen Tumulty. In Podesta’s new capacity as chief propaganda purveyor for the Democratic party,  he repeatedly cited the “participation and the support of the alt-right media,” naming “guys like Sean Hannity” and “disgusting” Newt Gingrich for helping spread “fake news” to hurt Democrats. He specifically criticized Hannity and Gingrich for asking questions about DNC staffer Seth Rich’s murder and whether or not it had a connection with Wikileaks.

Podesta offered a detailed and in-depth explanation of how this was just additional “proof” of how the Russians were “very active in propagating and distributing fake news.  He claims this goes to show how these alt-right sites are all conspiring to work against the Democrats. He also cited an echo chamber created by the Russians via social media that were damaging to Democrats.

Excuse me while I break into hysterical laughter…..

Julian Assange stated in an interview that a teenager with the most basic of computer skills could have hacked into Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s computer and retrieved the damaging email messages that the website published during last year’s election campaign.

Assange stated in an interview with Hannity on Fox News –


We published several … emails which show Podesta responding to a phishing email. Podesta gave out that his password was the word ‘password’. His own staff said this email that you’ve received, this is totally legitimate. So, this is something … a 14-year-old kid could have hacked Podesta that way.

Or was that the Russians too??

Podesta claims that so-called “legitimate sites” like the Washington COMPost and the New York Times suffered, as other “alt-right” websites got more traction during the election — could that be because the people saw what pitiful SHILLS they were for Hillary Clinton and they got sick of it, choosing instead to read actually NEWS rather than propaganda and shameless shilling for the Democratic Party?

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Podesta then went on to blame websites for actually exercising their first amendment rights in the US and publishing those emails revealing the criminal behavior of the DNC, Hillary Clinton, himself, and others. Frankly, I’m thinking the only reason Podesta is raising such a ruckus is because he got caught. Yet what he is suggesting to combat it is chilling!

He is actually suggesting that the press and the American media begin to censor things like Wikileaks from the American public – to allow the mainstream media to make these decisions for the American public and Podesta is all about warning the media about Russia’s efforts to use the emails to hurt Democrats.

Funny thing….Podesta is using STANDARD Commie tactics in accusing the other side of that which are guilty of yourself.  Podesta himself may have had more dealings with Russia than President Trump himself or anyone in his administration. Podesta may have violated federal law by failing to disclose the receipt of 75,000 shares of stock from a Kremlin-financed company when he joined the Obama White House in 2014.

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