BREAKING: After Podesta Gets BUSTED With ACTUAL Ties To Russia- He Makes BIG Trump Announcement

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John Podesta Wants To Be Your Green Hero…And Also Wants UFOs To Take Him Away

Many Trump supporters think that he is a pedophile.  Whether the rumors are true or not, John Podesta just doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut.  

The former Hillary Clinton adviser has taken to the soapboxes on the internet in order to bemoan what he calls a ‘rampage against the environment.’

Taking to The Washington Post, Podesta penned an op-ed about how Trump is on a mission to reverse President Obama’s legacy (ya think?) and how only he (John  Podesta, that is, not us peons) can stop it.

Take a look:

[Trump’s] proposed budget decimates scientific research, he selected an Environmental Protection Agency administrator who denies climate science, and he has just signed a broad executive order that will dismantle environmental protections and cost taxpayers more than $40 billion. Compounding these outrages, he has directed the government to implement an accounting system that would exaggerate the benefits and discount the costs of his actions.

Make no mistake, the Trump administration’s rampage against the environment presents an existential threat to the entire planet. But we cannot give up hope that we can still avert the most severe aspects of climate change.

Yadda, yadda, yadda! It goes on like that forever. Podesta is most famously known for his repeated (and hilarious) attempts to unlock the secrets of aliens–no, not illegal ones–Podesta is obsessed with the space variety.  

Seriously: Podesta has repeatedly written to the government to request information on UFOs. He has a very entertaining and concerning obsession with literally other-worldly affairs and absolutely no concerns with this one.

One Last Thing Before You Leave…Check This Out:

Wait…what the hell is this?

Back to the issue at hand! I can’t say for certain whether Podesta is just crazy, self-obsessed, or trying to distract people from the Trump supporters that continually point out the similarities of his likeness with this police sketch.  All I can say is that he sounds pathetic.


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