POLICE Ask MUSLIMS For Help, Instead They Go Online and Do This SICK Thing… FBI and NSA FURIOUS

Muslims-Americans Watch Debate – Take To Twitter To Make Fun Of Terror Attacks Happening! Such Patriots!


At the end of last night’s debate, social media was understandably a-buzz with the the respective supporters of both candidates facing off in their own debate showdowns.  Snap polls were made, lots were cast, and belittlement spread among all–MSNBC’s droopy-eyed Joan Walsh called me a “dead-eyed beta-male” even! Tensions were high. But this is politics, and in a sense, even Joan trying to insult me is patriotic.  It doesn’t bother me in the slightest–we are ideological enemies and discredit is as valid a strategy as any at this point.  Everyone feels that the fate of Western Civilization is at stake. I just know we need Trump and that she’s wrong.  Being wrong is fine. 

But that isn’t what this story was about, that was just some shameless self promotion and snark aimed at the only network that thought hiring Rachel Maddow was a good idea.

Trump Was Right: Muslims Do Not Report Suspicious Behavior

This story is actually about what a certain other segment of the population decided to do in response to last night’s debate.  This is about part of the Muslim-American community that  behaved disgustingly last night.  But first, I want to thank those brutes: you proved Trump right.

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Last night, Trump made reference to how there isn’t enough community interaction between law enforcement agencies and the Muslim community.  And he’s right.  While working for a senior partner at the Brookings Institute I was tasked with researching the various Muslim institutions in America such as the Muslim American Society, MAS, known elsewhere as the Muslim Brotherhood. One of the most interesting and disturbing things gleaned from this experience is how these institutions, ostensibly put in place to protect the civil rights of Muslims, almost universally maneuver to insulate Muslim communities during crises.  They go so far as to tell Muslims to not cooperate with law enforcement.


And, to borrow from our liberal American friends a term, the issue is systematic.  Take for instance this news article published by the Muslim newspaper of the public university UC Irvine — the organization they are criticizing, MPAC, is one of the only Muslim groups in the country willing to work with law enforcement. Thankfully, they have developed a close relationship with LAPD.  Yet here are young Muslims speaking out against it and even against being moderate


This is a poster from CAIR another Muslim American “civil rights’ group.

But Muslims Aren’t Willing To Help Us Stop Terrorists Apparently:

Well last night was no different. Muslims on social media decided to respond to Trump’s request for more Muslims to contribute to law enforcement efforts via community reporting.  They didn’t praise or condemn him for this request.  No, they mocked the notion of it.  They bomb jokes.  They made jokes about killing whites.  They made jokes about killing gays. They made jokes about 9/11.

Here are some screen shots:


Why not desecrate the graves of thousands of Americans

For some sweet, sweet retweets Mohanad?


Ha Ha your people kill gays. Good joke Ashraf. . .?



And what about those pesky WMDs


These were just some of the MANY thousands of Muslim Americans that tweeted out mocking jokes in response to Trump’s request for cooperation.  We have people among us that do not hold America’s best interest at heart, folks. We cannot afford to let the refugees come here. Some, I assume, are good people. But some, we can be certain, are not.


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