URGENT: Police Investigating Chattanooga Bus Driver Drop Bombshell On Sick Thing He Did That Killed 6 Children

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Nearly one month after the horrific school bus crash in Chattanooga, Tennessee, that left six young students dead, we are learning more details about the driver and why the tragedy occurred. 

Brand new details indicate Johnthony Walker was driving at least 20 mph over the speed limit and was using a cellphone moments before he crashed.


There were three cameras on the school bus that is owned by Durham School Services. One bombshell revealed in the video is that Walker was allegedly on his cellphone in the moments leading up to the crash, which is strictly against state law for school bus drivers, WSMV Nashville reports.

The most compelling information on Thursday came from Chattanooga traffic investigator, Joe Warren, who reviewed the tire marks and the surveillance video from the bus that Walker, 24, was driving. Warren said he has been reconstructing crash scenes for nearly 20 years.

The speed limit was only 30 mph on that curvy and narrow Talley Road. However, tire marks show Walker was going between 50 and 52 mph when he crashed the school bus into a telephone pole and then into a tree, killing six students and injuring the remaining 31 who were riding on the bus.

“State law is very specific when it comes to using cellphones when it comes to bus drivers. And once that first child is on the bus, whether it is in motion or not, the cellphone needs to be put away,” Warren said.

“You can see that clearly on the video. You can see him holding it up, touching the screen. It’s a different screen this time. One is a text message screen,” Warren testified to defense attorney Amanda Dunn.



After this new information was revealed in court, a judge made the decision that the case will move forward to a grand jury for a possible indictment, according to WSMV.

Of the 37 children on the bus, 31 were taken to the hospital directly after the crash. Five were pronounced dead on the scene and one passed away from his injuries in the hospital.

Two of the victims are still in the hospital being treated for their tragic injuries.

The grand jury will decide whether to indict Walker on five counts of vehicular homicide and one count of reckless endangerment. There could be another charge for vehicular homicide added to account for the death of the sixth child.

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