BREAKING: Police, FBI, ATF RAID Neighborhood In This State

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Investigators and representatives from local and federal agencies are responding to reports of a possible bomb making facility.

ABC 13 reports that in a statement, an FBI spokeswoman said the agencies are “lawfully present conducting law enforcement operations in southwest Houston, Texas in the interest of public safety.” That spokeswoman could not comment on the nature of the investigation.

Some roads have been closed in the immediate area in connection with the operation.

In 2013, local and federal investigators and hazmat teams raided a home on the same block, but the FBI never publicly disclosed the results of that investigation. Neighbors tell ABC13 they believe the home being searched now is the same one.

One eyewitness told ABC13 during that 2013 investigation that a Houston police officer told him they were looking for bomb-making materials at the property. The FBI, however, would not confirm that.


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