Police Shoot Unarmed WHITE Teen In The Back, Media Silent… WHERE’S THE OUTRAGE? [FLASHBACK]



On July 26, Zachary Hammond 19, was shot by police in Seneca, South Carolina. Why haven’t most of us heard about this? It’s simple, he’s White. In the race baiting crowd if it is not a minority involved in the shooting, it doesn’t matter. The media yawns when a White person is killed by cops or an illegal alien and simply don’t report it.

The Washington Post reported:

The news lands with that familiar, convulsive ache that the death of young people brings. That a year of police-involved killings has given us.


The teenager, on a first date, was stopped in the parking lot of a Seneca, S.C., Hardee’s during a drug bust, and the officer contends he fired in self-defense as Hammond tried to run him over. His 23-year-old date was charged with possession of 10 grams (.35 ounces) of marijuana. And it feels like a life gone over so much nothing.

Yet Hammond’s killing, under cloudy circumstances — a police report never mentions the fatal gunshots — has not sparked national protests. It has not pricked us the way Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, Walter Scott, Tamir Rice, John Crawford, Brandon Jones, Eric Harris and Freddie Gray did. The way the killing of Samuel DuBose most recently and under the most similar circumstances did. (DuBose was also behind the wheel; the Cincinnati officer who shot him alleged that DuBose was dragging him as he was taking off.)

Hammond’s family contends that the unequal outrage is because Hammond is white.

Hammond’s attorney Bland suggests that is because things were not as they were described as being.


For example, after Hammond’s death the officer who shot him said he did so in self-defense because Hammond was driving at him with his car. Bland attempts to counter this scenario by offering the results of a private autopsy showing Hammond was shot twice from behind–not in front–leading the family to believe the officer that shot Hammond could not have been in fear that Hammond was trying to run him down. (H/T Breitbart)

Look, Michael Brown’s murder resulted in half of Ferguson, Missouri, being burned to the ground and it became the top news on every network. And in Baltimore the Freddie Gray race rioters destroyed their city as well. Headline news baby! Because they were ‘black victims’ of the evil White man. Always with the help of some public figure or politician like Al Sharpton and Obama, as long as it follows their racist agenda.

In closing I want to say I am not, by any means, bashing police officers. Just pointing out the liberal bias media that loves to keep us distracted and fighting. So I’d suggest people wait for the findings of the investigation. He wasn’t necessarily “innocent” just because he was white, nor would it have “necessarily” been a bad shooting had the cop been black. So if the cop’s story holds up then it was justified, if it doesn’t then he’s probably going to face charges.

Most sane people understand there are basically good cops that sometimes seriously screw up and some downright crooked cops that are thugs in uniform. Most cops though are basically decent folks who want to help make communities safer and they deserve the benefit of the doubt, so long as there is doubt.

God Bless.

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