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A Fox News poll shows that most swing-voters think President Barack Obama is overstepping his legal authority by selectively enforcing Congress’ laws, such as the 2010 Obamacare law.

Sixty-six percent of independents, and 90 percent of Republicans said they disapprove of “Barack Obama going around Congress and using executive orders.”

Only 15 percent of independents, and 7 percent of conservatives, think Obama’s efforts to bypass Congress are “the way our government is supposed to work.”

The lopsided results in the February poll of 1,006 registered voters is a loud warning signal for Obama, who is relying on his extensive use of executive orders, regulations and unilateral actions to boost his policies and his supporters’ morale in the run-up to the November election.

The election is important because Republicans could win a narrow majority in the Senate, and help the GOP to develop a governing agenda to offer voters in 2016.

The poll also showed swing-voters are wary of Obama’s big-government agenda.

Sixty-two percent of independents, and 81 percent of Republicans, said the federal government is providing too many services to too many people. Ten percent of Republicans and 18 percent of independents believe government is not offering enough services.

Sixty-seven percent of independents, and 64 percent of Republicans, said the federal government’s policies have increased the wealth gap between rich and poor.

Meanwhile, Obama’s low ratings are threatening to drag Democratic candidates to defeat this fall, if the GOP avoids splits on immigration and the budget.

Fox News reported that Obama’s approval rating stands at a terrible 42 percent approval, 53 percent disapproval rating.

The top-line numbers hides a sharp partisan split and a terribly low level of support among decisive swing-voting independents. The independents give him only 29 percent approval, but 65 percent opposition.

Obama’s ratings are being held above 40 percent up by strong support from his core constituency of minorities.

For example, Democrats give him a 75 percent approval rating, and African-Americans give him an 84 percent approval rating.

But even that support is sagging.

Fox’s poll shows that African-Americans approve his use of unilateral action by only 54 percent to 42 percent, and only 68 percent give him an A or B rating on his economic performance. Thirty-three percent give him a C rating or below on economics — suggesting they won’t turn out to support Democratic candidates in November.

In contrast, only 21 percent of swing-voting independents give him an A or a B on economic matters. Fifty-seven percent give him a D, E, F, or incomplete.

Conservatives and tea party people show similar views in the Fox poll.

Only 14 percent of conservatives, and 13 percent of self-described tea party supporters give him an A or B on economics. Five percent of tea party people, and 12 percent of conservatives, endorse Obama’s use of executive orders.

The poll was conducted by two companies who normally work for Democratic and GOP candidates. The Democratic-affiliated company was Anderson Robbins Research and the GOP-affiliated company was Shaw & Company Research.

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