Stalled poop train stinks up Alabama town

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This story stinks-literally. 

Dozens of train cars carrying 10 million pounds of poop are stranded in a Parrish, Alabama rail yard and residents are furious.

The poop train has been stuck there for almost four months, and it’s making the whole place smell like a rotting animal carcass.

What makes it even worse, it’s not even their poop!

The poop is being shipped from New York and New Jersey because it’s cheaper to ship the poop to Alabama than to dispose of it in their own cities.

According to Dr. Julie Price, over the past decade, Alabama has become a target for landfill development because it offers some of the lowest gate fees, so sending waste thousands of miles away for some states is “still more economically viable than disposing of the trash in the home state.”

Fox News reports that third grader Shelby Cain describes the smell, which has been around since January, as “stankiness.”

The town’s parks and recreation director, Nicholas Hammond, compared the smell to a rotting whale carcass – and then some. “This took [the whale carcass] to a whole different level,” Hammond said. “I thought I was hitting dead animals with the lawnmowers.”

“From a sustainability perspective, I love the idea of creative use of unavoidable waste like human waste,” Price told Fox News. “But it’s pretty easy to find out that in no way should they be stored for long periods of time because any trace of pathogens that are in there could grow into much scarier things.”

YouTube video courtesy of Fox News

CNN reports that the rail yard is across from a baseball field and next to a softball field. Parrish only measures about 2 square miles, and pretty much everything is within smelling distance.

“It greatly reduces the quality of life,” Hall said. “You can’t sit out on your porch. Kids can’t go outside and play, and God help us if it gets hot and this material is still out here.” On Tuesday, when Hall spoke to CNN, the temperature in Parrish reached 81 degrees.
“You can’t open your door because that stuff gets in your house. It’s really rough,” Parrish resident Robert Hall told CNN affiliate WVTM. Other residents said the waste smelled like dead bodies.

In the meantime, the company still has to transfer the waste from the poop train to trucks for the final leg of the journey. And if not in Parrish, where?

“It’s likely that the lawmakers are going to find a place to store and do the transaction in an area of the state that doesn’t make as much noise, where land values are low,” Price said. “This would never happen in a very affluent neighborhood.”

So there you have it. Just be happy that you don’t live in Parrish, Alabama!

God Bless.



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