BREAKING NEWS: Power Grid To GO DOWN Because Of…



The liberals are determined to have you believe that the world is going to end unless we completely stop using fossil fuels and switch over to COMMUNIST made solar, windmills and drive battery operated cars.

They ignore the facts while completely destroying American companies as well as causing major financial difficulties on average Americans.

The Green Gestapo is pushing their agenda without thoroughly thinking out the enormous amounts of problems and adverse consequences that can and will occur but that’s how they roll.

America’s power grids are old and are barely able to provide enough energy necessary to live our lives as we are accustomed to and there is no way that we can put more burden on them to achieve what the Green Gestapo has ‘planned.’



But China has so much dirt on the Biden Crime Family that it makes perfect sense to buy all these silly green energy piles of garbage from them.

Windmills are a freaking joke and deadly.

Solar panels help but they can’t replace fossil fuels.

The grid is vulnerable to all types of problems caused by both nature and humans.

This has got to end and that’s why we need to get these COMMUNISTS out of the White House and take back the Senate and retain the House.

Anyways, check out this amazing report from Mac Slavo at SHTFPLAN:

A once-in-century solar storm could fry power grids and knock out satellites.

On rare occasions, the sun will send a storm so powerful it can tear open the Earth’s magnetic fields.

If such a storm hit tomorrow, it would cause technological chaos that could “cripple economies and endanger the safety and livelihoods of people worldwide,” according to NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration.)

These storms are very rare, but the sun is getting restless ahead of a 20-year peak of activity, meaning there’s more of a chance one could come to Earth in coming years, experts told Business Insider. 

Three different solar events can all send high-speed particles that mess with the Earth’s magnetic fields: solar flarescoronal holes, or coronal mass ejections (CMEs) — huge explosions on the sun.

If any of these types of solar storms happen to impact the Earth with enough force, they can peel back the Earth’s ionized layer which protects us against the worst of space weather.

This can open the door for more charged particles to pour through and harm or take down power grids across the globe.

Rolling Blackouts In California, Easy Ways To Prepare

“We’re talking a one-in-a-hundred-year event,” Mathew Owens, a professor of space physics at the University of Reading, told Business Insider.

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Sunspot Could Send Solar Flares Toward Earth That May Disrupt The Power Grid

These kinds of intense geomagnetic storms can happen at any time, but they become much more likely during a peak of solar activity, which happens about every 11 years when the sun’s magnetic field lines get more knotted.

All of that tension increases the chance the sun will create more sunspots, more CMEs, more solar flares, and more coronal holes.

All of this gives more opportunity for a “once-a-century event” to arise

We’ve gotten several solar storm warnings over the past decade, however, with constant news that the power grid is overwhelmed, at some point, we could actually see it go down.

Power grid operators have begun to sound the alarm about a shortage of electricity in the United States, as the ruling class pushes for “renewable energy.”

This issue is a concern throughout the entire country as many traditional and nuclear power plants are being retired.

The potential for blackouts is huge as many power companies begin to switch to “green energy” sources instead of electricity.

“I am concerned about it,” MISO Chief Executive John Bear told the Wall Street Journal in a report Sunday.

“As we move forward, we need to know that when you put a solar panel or a wind turbine up, it’s not the same as a thermal resource.”

Many traditional and nuclear power plants are being retired to make way for renewable sources of energy, but the plants are going offline faster than renewable energy and battery storage can keep up. –FOX News

The risk of outages is heightened during cold winters and summers, with supply chain issues and inflation slowing the pace developers can get the components needed to build renewable energy farms.

Speaking of the supply shortages, there are not enough raw materials for many items but somehow, there’s enough to continue to make billions of syringes and needles and inject the population with endless booster shots for the common cold.

Is any of this a coincidence? That’s up to you to decide.

BREAKING: The Lights And POWER Are About To GO OUT According To Grid Experts- PREPARE NOW


ALERT: Experts Warn Of MAJOR Threat To America’s Power Grid- This Is NOT Good



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