Baltimore Replaces Robert E. Lee Statue with Statue of a Pregnant Black Woman

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People gathered on August 15, 2017, to raise Pablo Mascioli’s “Madre Luz” to replace the Gen. Robert E. Lee statue. The “Madre Luz” or “Mother Light” is a statue of a black pregnant woman with her fist raised in the air. Activists and media referred to the statue as “Lady Liberty.”

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The so-called “Lady Liberty” has stood in the monument’s place since Sunday. I weep for our country when we replace bonafide historical and military figures with social justice. How far we have fallen!

In the wake of the horrible events that unfolded on Charlottesville where extremist factions converged, the statues placed in remembrance of the great military minds of General Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson were removed under cover of darkness in Baltimore. Mayor Catherine Pugh stated that the statues MUST be removed and history MUST be destroyed for the sake of “public safety.”

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Baltimore was debating the removal the statues before white supremacists and members of Antifa clashed in North Carolina, but they say the events in Charlottesville have expedited the decision. The Lee-Jackson statue was removed along with 3 other Confederate monuments located within the city of Baltimore.

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The statue depicting so-called social justice and racial equality was originally placed at the site of the Lee-Jackson statue approximately two years ago in protest. “Madre Luz” — Spanish for “Mother Light” — was erected by artist Pablo Machioli from papier-mache and features a pregnant African-American woman with a baby on her back, and with one fist raised into the air, a signal typically associated with the “black power” movement of the 1970s.

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The City Paper states that Machioli made the statue in 2015 in an effort to “create attention” about social justice and commemorate the 2016 Baltimore Riots.  He originally wanted to create a statue depicting abolitionist Harriet Tubman throwing a brick at Lee and Jackson. He opted to go with “Madre Luz” as he felt it was a more positive message.

After the Lee-Jackson statue came down on Wednesday, Machioli and his cohorts seized the opportunity to replace the historically significant statue with Machioli’s message of social justice. The city has previously impounded and fined Machioli for placing “Madre Luz” where it does not belong (including around and on top of the Lee and Jackson monument). Strangely, city officials have decided that THIS time the social justice statute of a pregnant black woman is perfectly appropriate. It has been vandalized several times, but Machioli always returns to repair it.

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