BREAKING NEWS From President Trump… Yelling These 3 Words Has Liberals In An UPROAR


If there’s one thing people love about President Trump, it’s his plain speech and his boldness in speaking his mind regardless of whether or not his opinion is popular, a bit of courage that was sorely missed during the Obama years.

Liberals, on the other hand, are known for being big, fat, weenies who gush and gush in embarrassing displays of emotionalism that often leave them looking like the biggest fools in the room. Which is often the reality of the matter.


A good case in point comes from how the left reacted to rumors that President Trump was going to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who just so happens to be conducting a probe into him in an attempt to uncover possible collusion between Trump and Russia.

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The left responded on social media by launching themselves into near hysterics. Again, not unusual given their flare for the dramatic.


Trump responded to the madness in three words, shutting down the fervor and silencing the rabid mouths of left-wing loonies all across the country.

Fox News is reporting:


Former Obama White House Ethics Chief, Walter Shaub, tweeted that he was “stocking up” on gear to “take the streets.” In his words, it was supposed to be a “defining moment for the Republic.”

Cenk Uygur, the founder and CEO of far-left online news show “The Young Turks” prophesied that this should be an “uprising like we’ve never seen in America.”

Actor-turned-activist George Takei tweeted that Americans should “shut the country down.”

Their message was clear: if President Trump fires special counsel Robert Mueller, the American people should act as if their 241-year-old experiment in democracy has come to an end.

But unfortunately, when asked about the firing on Sunday night, the president shut down all of the rumors (and all of their plans) by simply declaring, “no, I’m not.” In an instant, he vanquished all the left’s dreams of sparking a “Tahrir square like uprising” and made their hysterics over the potential firing appear foolish.

This is a prime example of how the left and the Democratic Party operate. They know if they engage in honest debate on the topics and issues facing our country and use actual, concrete facts, their worldview and policy positions crumble to bits.

So how do they continue to build their base and motivate them to be active and keep voting moronic progressives into office? By appealing to that segment of the country that vomits their feelings all over the Internet on a regular basis, believing people actually care enough to read what they think or is going on in their lives.

They find some issue, blow it way out of proportion, share a few sob stories and emotionally manipulate the masses, and that gives birth to fake outrage just like the kind we see here.

These are the same people who claim to be “tolerant” and say they have a desire to stand up for the oppressed, but when they show up to protest, all they do is throw elbows and punches, meaning they don’t actually care to win over the hearts and minds of the opposition as someone with the superior worldview would desire to do.

In the midst of the insanity, we ought to just be thankful we have a president like Donald Trump who isn’t afraid to stand up to this nuttiness and put these people back in their place.



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