BREAKING News From President Trump- HELL YEAH!

In today’s society it is not simply just “taboo” to openly speak about woke corporations as well as government, it can get you “labeled and attacked”.  Yes, our society has become that indoctrinated through manipulation and lies spewed by politicians.

Former President Trump told the blunt truth to America when it came to the trash from the NFL and NBA, now he is telling America about the trash from the MLB.


Fox News reports that in a TV interview (see below) on Tuesday, former President Trump expounded on his recent statements objecting to Major League Baseball’s recent decision to move the All-Star Game out of Atlanta.

The league’s move was a reaction to Georgia’s recently passed voting legislation, which was signed into law by Republican  Gov. Brian Kemp.

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Trump suggested MLB was a “woke” organization, during an interview with Newsmax. He also claimed fans were giving up on America’s pastime and reiterated a previous call for a boycott of the sport.

This whole “woke and cancel” culture is a toxic mentality that has been infesting our nation for years.  To speak out against it automatically makes you racist and a white nationalist, according to the left.  For some reason people fear these labels, these words, that is all they are but mainstream media runs with it.


People literally have their lives destroyed over speaking the truth, they can lose their jobs, forced to move, lose family and friends and even get divorces.

Fox News continues with former President Trump’s statement:

“They’re woke and woke is not good for our country,” Trump told the network. “I think people are giving up on baseball anyway. You look at the fans … everything is way down. I don’t think anybody cares. But they shouldn’t be doing that. They shouldn’t be hurting the people of Georgia.

“I’m just not very interested in baseball for the last number of years. You want to find a game, it’s on every channel, and yet you can’t find anything,” he told Newsmax. “I would say boycott baseball … why not?”

The “Midsummer Classic” was set for July 13 at Truist Park, home of the Atlanta Braves, until MLB decided Friday to shift the game to Coors Field in Denver, home of the Colorado Rockies.

The bill’s passage was motivated by suspected voter fraud in Georgia’s presidential election — claims that were ultimately rejected as the state’s votes were certified in Biden’s favor. Republican supporters say the law is needed to restore confidence in Georgia’s elections following the contentious 2020 presidential election and the state’s two U.S. Senate runoff elections in January.

People need something to believe in, something that proves their ethics, morals, selflessness as well as humility.  Standing up for freedom, protected rights, speaking out against corruption, greed as well as the state of our nation, that is worthy of something to believe in.

That goes for the anyone, if they are legal citizens of our nation then they have that right.  When these protests and personal beliefs are used and abused by sports entertainment and corporations, then a lie has been crossed into manipulation of the public.

Fox News furthered:

Colorado requires voters to show identification when voting in person, and the state says that first-time mail-in voters may be required to include a copy of their identification with their ballot. When it comes to verifying mailed ballots, the state relies on signature matching other than those from first-time mail-in voters, which is what Georgia did in the 2020 election.

In future elections, Georgia will check absentee ballots based on driver’s license numbers, state ID numbers, or other documentation, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Detractors of the bill argue that Georgia’s laws require more effort from voters. Supporters say Georgia’s voting laws offer two more days of in-person early voting, four more days of mail-in voting, optional Sunday voting, and free voter ID cards, the paper reported.

Kemp argued that Georgia’s laws help ensure that only eligible voters are able to cast ballots. He also took aim at MLB.

How anyone can applaud the democrats and corporations pushing a state and its citizens is pathetic and shows their true colors and clearly, those colors and not Red, White and Blue.




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God Bless.

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