President Trump Just TICKED Off Millions Of Liberals… Look What He Said!

NFL Snowflakes Respond To President Trump’s Support Of National Anthem…


President Donald Trump lit up the football fields and set the NFL ablaze when he spoke to the American people at his rally in Huntsville, Alabama.


During his speech, President Trump brought up the topic that has pissed off many Americans over the last year or so – with the social justice warrior football players choosing to use their time on the field at their JOB to make political statements rather than play a game taking a knee during the National Anthem in what many view as a show of utter contempt for this nation and all it stands for.

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Thus far, the NFL has taken a passive approach to what players do on “company time” stating they are free to stand or not as they choose.  Many have instead chosen to make that time about a political statement rather than the honoring of military men and women that have served and their sacrifices.



Funny, but it seems Matthew A. Cherry does not seem to understand that 1st amendment that the left likes to yell about?  Yeah, well that applies to EVERY AMERICAN.  Defending the cause of AMERICA is kinda his job numbskull!

The usual crowd of racist social justice warriors chimed in claiming this was some sort of racist statement instead of the disrespect for America that it is.  What these fools don’t seem to grasp? Middle America?  WE DO NOT CARE!!! We have stopped watching your game!  It is OUR money that pays your over inflated salaries in the first place!  Don’t have that?  You have no job and you can play that National Anthem at the house and kneel in the yard while you collect your unemployment check.

While they do have the choice of whether to stand or not? The rest of America also has a choice in how they chose to respond.  Many Americans have chosen to respond by simply tuning out – no season tickets, no tailgates, no watching the games on TV and ratings are in the toilet.

President Trump had a solution for what he also sees as utter contempt for America and her way of life, telling the NFL coaches and owners to get those “SOBs” off the field and fire them, making an example for the rest of the league.

Of course, now the snowflakes are melting at the NFL because apparently, no one has ever told these people to SUCK IT UP before.  It’s quite comical! I guess the so-called “tough guys” of the NFL are really twinkle toes fairy princesses!

Did Zach Brown just tell President Trump to stick to politics? The whole point is, had NFL players stuck to football, Trump’s entire rant never would have happened. One could also argue, credibly, that issues of the anthem and patriotism are directly in the presidential wheelhouse…..but I digress….

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