A professor from the University of Nebraska was given a personal invitation to meet President Obama following his speech in Omaha Wednesday because she is a liberal gun-grabbing commie pig- and Obama absolutely loves her.

Not only does she want to disarm Americans, she also hates LAW ENFORCEMENT. Like I said Obama loves her.

Why do scumbags like this get invited to the White House? Because Obama is garbage. Simple. He is a cop-hating, racist, gun-grabbing Muslim that HATES EVERYTHING ABOUT AMERICA.

Amanda Gailey is an English professor and is also the director of a liberal gun grabber group known as Nebraskans Against Gun Violence, according to her Facebook profile.

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My friend  at BizPac Review reports that in a public post on her Facebook page dated Dec. 28, 2015, less than a month before she met the president and the same day it was revealed that a Cleveland police officer would not face charges in the shooting death of Tamir Rice, Gailey unleashed a profanity-laced diatribe cursing the police, the National Rifle Association, prosecutors and others.

And she got an invite from Hussein…

Check out this FOUL liberal’s post.


How nice. What a wonderful lady, huh? A typical progressive scumbag with a foul mouth and a disgusting disposition. Of course this idiot brings up racism and the NRA. It’s what these people do. Do you notice she doesn’t seem to have a problem with MUSLIMS BOMBING AMERICANS?

Another good friend of mine, Sean Brown at Mad World News has this to say.

In other words, she’s the poster child for the progressive movement, which is likely why Obama wanted to meet her. Speaking of which, the angry, hate-filled Gailey seemed rather bright and chipper when speaking about meeting the most divisive president in history.

“I think it’s just wonderful that Obama has made this a policy priority,” she told the Lincoln Journal Star. “I hope that it results in bringing this issue to the forefront of the political conversation in our state as the legislative session begins.”

Oh it’s just so wonderful Obama’s launching a full court press on our rights when statistics show no reason to, I know. But don’t let facts get in the way of your irrational fears, Amanda.

Anyways, in true progressive fashion, when Nebraskans Against Gun Violence was confronted with the harsh reality that one of their members hates the very people tasked with protecting her utterly worthless hide, they did what was expected – denied the truth and silenced the person speaking it.

Back to my patriot brother :

On Wednesday evening, I personally posted on the Facebook page of Nebraskans Against Gun Violence to ask if Gailey had made derogatory statements against the police, to which page administrators quickly replied “No.”

Minutes later I posted a screenshot of the comments and asked if the writer of those comments and the woman who met the president were not, in fact, one in the same.

Rather than reply, the page administrator’s deleted all of our correspondence, including the picture, and blocked me from the page.

BizPac Review reached out to Gailey as well via her Facebook page but have yet to hear back.

LMAO! Carmine kicks a**!

So there you have it my friends. Obama invites cop haters, black live matters thugs, the Muslim brotherhood and a punk kid that brought a fake bomb to school. Obama is garbage…


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