Protester Flips Off Trump, His Reaction is PRICELESS

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The mainstream media and their “fake news” brigade will do anything to promote their propaganda that a “blue wave” is upon us. They think that President Trump is going to be impeached and that protesters everywhere will be privy to a massive liberal movement that will take the White House back by force, much like how they thought Hillary would win in 2016.

Well, how did that turn out for the Democrats last time?

Not good but this time around thanks to a completely rigged and fraudulent election the Communists took The White House back

It’s bullshit and Biden is destroying America.

Anyways, this is a memorable moment we thought you would enjoy!

When President Trump was speaking in Battle Creek, Michigan, he was flipped off by a protester.

However, his reaction was priceless and it shows why he is going to prove the Democrats wrong yet again in 2020.

The protester held out a banner that told the president he was “fired,” then proceeded to flip off the President.

However, President Trump seemed pleasantly surprised as a cascade of boos descended upon the protester along with chants of “USA!” “USA!” “USA!”
At first, Trump laughed it off, but when the protestor kept it going, Trump told security, “Get her out of here!”

The crowd ate it up!

The best part of it all, though, was when Trump called out the media for not reporting acts such as this, yet they jump all over protests against conservatives.

This was one of his better rally performances yet. 😁

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