Lunatic Protesters SURROUND Diane Feinstein’s Home, She’s FREAKING Out


As the Democratic party continues to devolve into mayhem following the epic win by President Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential Election, many radical leftists refuse to be appeased.  They are demanding that full-on obstruction of any and all policies coming from the Trump administration. Some of the more radical Democratic lawmakers have even gone so far as to encourage this fascist behavior, whipping their supporters into a frenzy in their efforts to thwart all things Trump.


Unfortunately, they have created a monster that will eat their own in the process.  Prominent progressive leader and gun grabber, California Senator Dianne Feinstein, learned just what that sort of focused blind rage looks like up close and personal when it has you in its sights. Roughly 200 of these protesters showed up at Feinstein’s multimillion-dollar mansion in the Pacific Heights area of San Francisco on Sunday to protest her alleged “collaboration with fascists.”  In other words, Feinstein actually did the job she was elected to do (SHOCKER!) and gave her votes to confirm a few members of President Trump’s cabinet.  So far, she has voted in support of four of the president’s cabinet nominees: James Mattis for Secretary of Defense, Mike Pompeo for CIA director, John Kelly for Secretary of Homeland Security, and Nikki Haley for U.N. ambassador.

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By FiveThirtyEight’s calculation, Feinstein has fallen in line with the president’s positions and cabinet nominees 100 percent of the time, earning a pro-Trump score higher than some Republicans, including Texas senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz. “


“It’s disgusting,” says organizer Ben Becker, who is a Democratic Party assembly delegate for District 17. “It’s completely inexcusable.”

Becker and another fellow organizer Michael Petrelis decided to force a response to what they see as Feinstein’s unresponsiveness to voters. According to Becker, “We attempted to get through to her through her office lines in California and D.C. I tried to call about 50 times over this past week, and I wasn’t able to get through. I wasn’t able to leave a message because her machine was full and wasn’t being emptied. We got the impression that the opinions of her constituency were not important to Senator Feinstein.”


The roughly 200 protesters gathered outside her house chanting, “Hey hey, ho ho, Jeff Sessions — just say no!”

Protesters are threatening to change their party registration from Democrat to Independent demanding that Feinstein maintain a hardline obstructionist’s view to any and all things President Trump and his administration does.

A protester known as Julie stated – “If you keep following this agenda, I will register as an Independent,” she vowed, holding a sign reading “Stop collaborating with fascists. If you don’t know what people want, you haven’t been watching the news; you haven’t been to the airport; you haven’t been to the women’s march. You are ignoring everyone that is trying to talk to you.”

Feinstein herself seems to have taken a more reasonable view, stating “My view is you work with him where you can and you oppose where you can’t.”

It seems these protestings in “protesting” fascism got the words “protesting” and “practicing” mixed up. According to San Fransisco Magazine, the fascist protesters have set up a Facebook page, People’s Town Hall, for future protests,

God Bless.

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