BREAKING: Protests ERUPT Across The U.S. Over THIS- It’s About To Get UGLY


It was only a matter of time before those who want the freedom to choose what goes in their bodies get pushed a little too far. Protests are popping up all over the United States and things could get really ugly really quickly.


The ruling class and its corporations don’t care about protests. They’ll do what they want anyway. Protesting is begging the master for a little bit more freedom. However, hitting these mega-corporations where it hurts, right in the pocketbooks, is what will change history. These corporations are obviously a piece of the system that has shown itself to be anything but a “free” one so its demise won’t likely be met with too many tears unless you’re a tyrant or enjoy being enslaved.

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PROTESTING IS NOT an Act of Freedom IT IS AN APPEAL TO AUTHORITY You Aren't Fighting for Your Rights You're Slaves Begging for Longer Chains wwwwwMURICATODAAcoMA | Meme on ME.ME


On Monday, hundreds of demonstrators held signs aloft that read, “Terminate the mandate,” “Freedom not force” and “No jabs for jobs,” as they convened at Southwest Airlines’ headquarters in Dallas to protest against the mandate. Attendees also chanted “My body, my choice” as they lined the highway outside the airline facility. Some carried US flags, while another waved a flag adorned with an eagle superimposed on the stars and stripes, according to a report by RT.

New Development- Southwest Airlines is dropping plans to put unvaccinated workers that are still waiting to be approved for a medical or religious exemption on unpaid leave starting in December.



Southwest Airlines set a deadline for staff to be vaccinated against COVID for the first week of December under a federal mandate as a company holding contracts with the US government. The airline canceled thousands of flights last week amid rumors of staff calling in sick to protest against the vaccine mandate, with Southwest saying the cancelations were due to air traffic control issues and disruptive weather.

Southwest Airlines Cancellations Continue: Pilot Union Denies It’s The “Vax” Mandate

It isn’t just Southwest. Parents in California are protesting the vaccine mandate as well. Although, rather than protest, these parents should remove their children from the indoctrination camps and not worry about it. Boeing workers have also staged protests against these mandates.

More and more, we will see people protest. And again, while protesting doesn’t work because the master doesn’t care if the slave protests, what will work is coming together outside this totalitarian system and refusing to be their slave anymore.

Every single company or business that fires even one employee for refusing to take these shots is going to face at least some kind of backlash. We can help. We can choose where to spend our money. Any company that forces its employees to take a shot in order to work, won’t get any of our money. We need to come together and help those who are willing to lose their jobs and livelihoods to avoid getting injected with the garbage that’s in those syringes.

It’s time to do the moral thing, as opposed to the legal thing. It’s time to stand together and continue to refuse. It’s time to take back our power from the government and let them know they no longer have any over those who continue to defy them.


This article was written by Mac Slavo at and was republished with permission.

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