INSANE: Psycho Muslim THREATENS Trump With The UNTHINKABLE… Media Silent [WATCH]

Presidential Donald Trump stirred up a firestorm of controversy this week for proposing a temporary ban on Muslim immigration into this country until the vetting process to keep out security threats is vastly improved.

Democrats, Republicans, media and the president have all criticized Trump’s proposal, and now a Muslim (who is a Democrat) has released a two-minute obscenity-filled tirade against the Donald which includes multiple cases of terrorist threats.

You will see WHY Trump is right about these people. They are so ANGRY. And violent. This scumbag should be locked up or deported.

Watch the video and you’ll see what I’m talking about but I must warn you about the GRAPHIC LANGUAGE.


Insane huh? The angry Muslim PSYCHOPATH’S name is Ebou Bah. Nice name dude.

“Donald Trump say today on the news in front of all millions of people, Donald Trump say that they gonna ban Muslims coming to America,” he said. He tells Trump that he has no manners or respect while at the same time calling Trump’s parents “p*ssies.”

It get’s worse.


He waves around kitchen knives like a savage screaming, “I will circumcise you! I will circumcise you! You are nothing but a bastard!”

Pretty violent isn’t he?

Then ironically the insane sicko wants to know why Muslims should be banned. Bro, take a look in the mirror and there’s your answer. You racist, jihad psycho.

“Ban Muslims for what?” he asks. “F**k you Donald Trump!”

He threatens to circumcise Trump again and continues to scream incoherently ending with “F**k you whitey…”

Again, am I the only one who sees the pure irony in this? Trump wanted a moratorium because he believes that some Muslims are dangerous, then this guy responds by threatening to mutilate Trump’s genitals with a knife – that’s irony defined.

After seeing this and knowing there’s more out there who feel the same, do you think Trump is at all off base? You don’t demonstrate how “peaceful” your religion is by threatening to commit violent acts against those critical of it. Isn’t that exactly what the Islamic State (ISIS/Daesh) does?

Like I mentioned earlier, this animal is a DEMOCRAT. Makes sense…

God Bless.

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