BREAKING: Puerto Rico’s Officials BUSTED… This Is PURE INSANITY!!


Puerto Rico is a corrupt cesspool of leftist politicians, and the latest story out of the island territory is proof of it.

When the hurricanes swept through Puerto Rico earlier this year, officials on the island were caught literally throwing away aid sent by President Trump, we previously reported. Shocking video showed literally entire cases of food and water just discarded like trash as people on the island were still suffering from the devastation caused from the storms.


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“Fully packed meals in Trash Dumpster in Patilla, P.R. and Starvation still in effect in most of the island,” the video’s caption reads.


Meanwhile, Puerto Rican officials like San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz were publicly bashing the President’s relief effort and accused him of not being serious enough about helping the people on the storm-ravaged island.

Eventually Congress approved an aid package for Puerto Rico totaling some $15.3 billion, yes that’s billion, with Puerto Rico’s leaders requesting $94 billion total. Unfortunately, we’re now learning what at least $100 million of that aid went to, and it has U.S. taxpayers absolutely enraged…rightfully so.


From Breitbart News:

Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello Nevares asked federal taxpayers to pay $94 billion towards the island’s recovery from Hurricane Maria, then reportedly spent $100 million on Christmas bonuses for the territory’s government employees.

The governor’s aides argue that the bonuses had been part of the budget approved last summer and that they are a longstanding tradition allowed under the law, the Washington Times reports.

Puerto Rico’s financial oversight board, established by Congress in 2016 to bail the territory out of defaulting on its debt, called the bonuses “imprudent” and said the governor should rethink his allocation of government funds in light of the recent hurricanes.

What in the actual hell? Bonuses? For what? Destroying the country?

“Puerto Rico has demonstrated time and time again that its government is incapable of responsibly handling its finances. This is yet another such instance,” said Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA), a member of the House committee with oversight over Puerto Rico.


President Trump rightfully pointed out that Puerto Rico’s finances are in a mess, which is why they needed American aid to begin with. For the territory to pay out a hundred million dollars in bonuses is nothing more than a slap in the face to Americans and even more proof that we need to sump that hellhole and cut our losses.

After all, if they can’t figure out how to live within their means on their own, there’s no reason the rest of us should have to support their ridiculous pending habits.

Absolutely outrageous.

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