BOMBSHELL Video Exposes The REAL Reason The Government Keeps Pushing “Booster Shots”

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Moderna has not surprisingly come out released the “data” that says booster shots are going to be needed. They claim people who were recently vaccinated have fewer breakthrough cases.


But we all know why that is. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says you are NOT considered “fully vaccinated” until you have had the second shot in your body for 14 days. That means when people are going to the hospital for vaccine injuries, they get to do two things. One, tell you it’s a COVID case in an unvaccinated person, and two, hide the fact that it’s a vaccine injury.  Watch this video below for more information:

The U.S. drugmaker shared a new analysis from its phase three study that showed the incidence of breakthrough Covid cases, which occur in fully vaccinated people, was less frequent in a group of trial participants who were more recently inoculated, suggesting immunity for earlier groups had started to wane. But according to the CDC’s own website, those “breakthrough” cases could be something much worse: vaccine injuries passed off as an “infection” in an “unvaccinated” person. The way “data” is collected anymore makes it hardly worth mentioning, except they are using it for the totalitarian enslavement of humanity.

“There’s a large debate, we all know, about whether or not vaccine boosters are going to be necessary into the fall,” Moderna President Stephen Hoge said in a phone interview according to a report by CNBC. “That debate, what makes it really hard is it’s not really about whether the vaccine worked last month. It’s really about whether it’s going to work this winter.”


The data shows that “we do see a significant increase in the risk of Covid-19 for those who are vaccinated a year ago versus six months ago,” Hoge said.

Those who are raking in billions of dollars on these shots for which they cannot be held liable if a person becomes injured or worse after taking them have said you need a third one. Considering the nation of bleating sheep we have, a good number will line up for more shots.  And look where that’s gotten Israel.

In fact, the massive uptake of boosters has failed to stop the spread in Israel, as their cases surge. Despite the booster program Israel now has one of the highest infection rates per million in the world.

Follow the money. It should not strike anyone as odd that Moderna, who has immunity from all liability for the damages done by their COIVD “vaccines” is promoting a third shot that will make them even more money. It’s pretty obvious at this point. Sadly, to many are unaware and just don’t care.

*If you have concerns about COVID consult a physician.

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